I Robot/Surgeon

from the first-law-of-robotics dept

For those of you that made sense of the cryptic title you?ll realise that I was referring to one of the sci-fi greats, Isaac Asimov. He drew out the vision of our robotic future through his stories decades ago and gradually these robotic technologies are coming to fruition (although some would say far too slowly). Arguably, the most important thing to humanity is our health and this aspect of our lives is already being quite literally touched by robotics. Robotic surgeons are taking to the operating tables guided by doctors. There are numerous advantages to these procedures but of course the main advantage is the ability to have precise minimally invasive surgery (it?s what I?ve been interested in for years and one of the primary reasons I chose to major in biology). If you decrease patient downtime you increase productivity and health, something that insurers and hospitals are sure to like and of course pay for.

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