How Compaq Got Its Groove Back

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Compaq isn’t really a company renowned for innovation, they?ve got some nice computers but nothing ever really stands out. I have a feeling this is about to change in the handheld space. The new iPaq handheld is going to use the blackberry OS but you?ll have the added convenience of a larger handheld. With the right marketing approach and price Compaq could surpass windows CE and give Palm a good run for their money. Pretty fresh for Compaq!

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Comments on “How Compaq Got Its Groove Back”

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Mike (profile) says:

Why will Compaq win?

What about this device is special to Compaq? The larger size, to me, doesn’t seem particularly attractive. I like the smallness of the Blackberry. I’ll admit that I think the whole concept of Blackberry may be a challenge to the Palm, but there will be some adjustments. If Compaq is just reselling Blackberry’s then I don’t see what advantage they have either. What is it about Compaq (who even you pointed out hasn’t been that innovative) makes you think they’re suddenly going to leap to the front of this market?

Ryan says:

Re: Why will Compaq win?

I think that taking the risk of using the blackberry OS is something that may allow it to stick out from the competition. Realistically, the competion means windows CE rather than palm as I think that Compaq won’t be able to compete with them. I don’t think they’ll leap to the front of the market but it’s definately a sign that there starting to “get it” and may gain a considerable amount of market share in the next few months. My only worry about this product may be the added features (which I assume will rival palmpilots) and pricing (which compaq has usually been okay with). It’s more like their back in the running rather than flat out winning

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