Xoop – Something New or Something Confusing?

from the what-is-it dept

Marlene wrote in to point out the following article about Xoop which is apparently a content finder/sorter. I’m still a little confused as to what it does, but it sounds like it might be cool (how’s that for a review?). Has anyone checked it out?

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Comments on “Xoop – Something New or Something Confusing?”

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Spaz (user link) says:


Well….I downloaded it….1.23 megs [NT4].
How do you say it? My guess, is Zoo-oop. I could be wrong, maybe Sh-oop. Either way, Install was painless….now let’s see what it does. After install, needed to register…..bahhh, does not work. On 2nd attempt, says my log was corrupt and yelled at me saying I should not manually modify it. Will attempt a few more, but their site SUCKS….as the FAQ does not answer this prob. Maybe my firewall….dunno, but give it a try and email me if you get it. Spaz@thesuits.com

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