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Web Hosting Firm Starts Kicking Off Customers

from the how-to-be-rude dept

Apparently, a web hosting firm sent out rude emails to a number of customers and threatened to kick them all off of their service for violating their terms of service. It seems like the company handled every part of this poorly. First off, it appears they hadn’t been keeping track of violators of their terms of service, and then just decided to threaten to shut down sites within 3 days, rather than explaining the situation to customers. I’ve used a number of different web hosting companies over the past 3 years, and I’d say this isn’t that big of a surprise, considering the service levels you normally find from these guys. I have one HUGE exception on that, by the way, which are the guys at Action Web who host Techdirt. I’m not just saying that to be nice so they don’t mess with me either. For various projects I’ve been involved in I’ve used 6 different web hosting companies, and the only one I can consistently recommend is Action Web. They actually mean what they say when they promise a higher level of service.

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