The Cell Phone Call of the Wild

from the getting-back-to-nature dept

An interesting story in the Washington Post about people who go camping and bring along their mobile phones. Some people think that it’s a safety device helping people who are in trouble. Others believe it’s pushing unprepared campers to do more dangerous things because they always think they can be bailed out with one call. Others are just annoyed that this connection to the “rest of the world” is being brought into these secluded getaways.

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Comments on “The Cell Phone Call of the Wild”

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1 Comment
Ed says:

Amateur Field Day?

Nice article — it covered practically all of the witty comments I was prepared to make.

Do amateur radio operators still have Field Days? What are they like in the age of the cell phone and wireless internet connections? Do you go out into the middle of nowhere and spend all day setting up a rig, then whip out a phone, order a pizza, and check your portfolio?

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