Computers Understanding Body Language

from the more-input-devices dept

I thought mhh5 was Techdirt’s resident expert on input devices, but he missed this one. Some folks at Rutgers are working on a project that will allow computers to understand body language. I’m not sure I want my computer to understand body language. This might lead to lawsuits involving “computer abuse”.

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Comments on “Computers Understanding Body Language”

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1 Comment
mhh5 says:

okay, geez, sue me!

Wow. Those features are both cool and scary. But what does the computer think when I have to pick my nose? 🙂 I think personal privacy becomes an issue at some point…. Anyway, do these features actually enhance the interface or merely make it more complicated? What if we replaced passwords with customized human interfaces where everyone had their own version of a keyboard and associated “shortcuts”…? QWERTY is so outdated. Everyone should be able to have their own stenographer-like shortcuts that they can customize freely…

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