Prison Putting Video Cameras Online

from the who-wants-to-watch-a-prison? dept

A sheriff who has been named the “nation’s toughest” will be putting video cameras into the Maricopa County prison so that anyone can watch what goes on there over the internet. He says it will be a useful deterrent. The ACLU says it’s an invasion of privacy. I wonder who really wants to watch the inside of a prison? Besides… a deterrent? Do you really think (1) criminals will watch this and (2) decide to stop being criminals because of it?

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Comments on “Prison Putting Video Cameras Online”

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ashau says:

No Subject Given

i can’t believe no one thought of this earlier…Slamwatch 2000; what happens when you stick 7 cons in the same cell and people stop being polite? have viewers vote 1 cellmate out and into solitary each week. last man standing gets a $1 mil, and a tkt to freedom on his own island (where he gets to host Survivor 2)…hey, I’d tune in to watch.

mhh5 says:

why have guards?

Why not replace the guards then? They could set up guns that could be remote-controlled from the internet in case of an escape. It’d be the coolest video game ever. Sim-prison, except the prisoners are REAL. Ok seriously, tho, this makes no sense whatsoever. But I’m sure people would be interested since
is such a popular site….

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