Techdirt and CBS Survivor

from the this-is-funny dept

Okay, so about a week ago I was looking at various stats for Techdirt and noticed (1) a lot of traffic going to an article that was posted back in October and (2) a lot of recent comments appearing on that same page. This struck me as a bit odd, because once a story is off the front page it rarely gets any more comments. So, I looked at the page and it was one we wrote about the TV show Survivor on CBS when they first announced plans for the show. Now the show is finally on TV, so I figured the article must have been linked from some search engine. The odd part, though, was people seemed to think we were connected to the show somehow and asked if they could be on the next version of the show. I also received (as a submission) a LONG rant about how Survivor is “age-ist”. A little research turns up: if you go to and search on CBS Survivor the Techdirt article is the first result. We’re also the second result if you search on “applying to be a survivor”. Thought it was amusing enough to tell our loyal readers about…

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