MyLackey Sounds Desperate

from the oops dept

Got this one from our friend Pud over at He’s apparently gotten ahold of a letter from the CEO of to all of its employees where he freaks out because people aren’t in the office. I can understand him getting angry, but to then institute mandatory work hours (8am to 7pm with 30 minutes for lunch) is only going to piss off his employees more. Anyway, I have no way of verifying the email, so if it turns out to be fake, don’t blame me.

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Comments on “MyLackey Sounds Desperate”

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Lance (user link) says:

Re:, MissFortune.gon poor customers

I realize that has closed its doors and is out of venture capital. But they left customers stranded who used their serivces.

We want to let those customers know that we will pick up the Mylackey void in the market and offer our services to them and even match the prices.

Our site is


We will come out and service any former customer and offer a free first time service.

We also help kids doing car wash fundraisers:

We are a Nationwide franchise Company with 183 units in many markets in the US. We also have a 1-800 dispatch number and we have been in this industry for over 24 years.

Just because another Vulture capitalized .com bites the dust is no reason for the customer to suffer. We will always be here for the customer the community and our franchise network.

Thank you,


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