De-Hyping the Telephone Worm

from the calm-down-everyone dept

Maybe it’s because I read the virus myths page too much, or maybe it’s just because I’m naturally skeptical of something that seems to get way too much press coverage, but I tend not to post stories about viruses. Some other posters at Techdirt think I’m crazy, and that all these viruses are a big deal. Maybe they’re right. But, in the meantime, I’ll just stick to posting stories like the following, which points out the whole cell phone worm wasn’t really that big of a deal and people (like usual) have overreacted.

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Comments on “De-Hyping the Telephone Worm”

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1 Comment
Tarsh (user link) says:


People/press always seem to overeact to “viruses” (worms you nit) – Oh, well you got the title part correct. The ILOVEYOU worm was overreacted to. Just like anything.. People with out a clue always get scared of minor things like a worm. If you used a decent mail client and/or your server had the brains block vbs files; these things would never happen. You could even have a script on the mail server to rename vbs files to .txt.. so they are opened by notepad instead of being ran. Moral of the story is: Don’t use windows – No but seriously, people need to try some new mail prgrams with better security. Microsofts “fix” for the problem is to block a huge list of file exstensions, when the should just stop outlook from being able to touch anything other than it’s own files. So check out another mail client written by someone with common sense.

Sorry for ranting.

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