The Death Toshiba – On Display

from the weird-stuff dept

A Toshiba laptop used by an Australian doctor for euthanasia is going to be on display at a museum in London. Apparently, the doctor would set up the patient with a syringe controlled by the laptop, and the patient would have to go through a series of questions to confirm that the patient wanted to die. It’s a little spooky that people actually want to see this computer…

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Comments on “The Death Toshiba – On Display”

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Tarsh (user link) says:

Good way to force kids into doing their homework.

They could set these things up in schools. If you get a certin amount of the questions the computer asks wrong in your test. It injects you.

But seriously, People are morbid and like to look at things like this. Unfortunatly it is human nature… If you see someone that has been shot ot something a long those lines.. Most people will stare.

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