WWW in Space

from the sending-my-email-to-space dept

It seems that satellites are going to be getting their own IP addresses. It’s not a bad idea for cost cutting but considering the last mess-ups in space that were blamed on cost cutting they should be a little weary, especially if some hackers get access to the IP addresses.

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Comments on “WWW in Space”

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1 Comment
Mr.White (user link) says:

Ping this

Ping would be cool, imagine the response time..ouch. It would be cool, get a DDoS going on the satelleites. If you could hack them, what could you do? Crash it? Ouch. NASA would decloak around you and vaporize you. If you could hack it, change the orbit? Send it off to your house, taking pictures all the way down….and transmitting them to your DSL ftp.

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