Newspapers Into Broadcasters

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On the same day that Techdirt tries its hand at broadcasting, we get an article about how newspaper conglomerate Knight Ridder might be trying to turn its newspapers into broadcasters as well. This brings up a discussion of whether or not we really want to listen to news radio on our computers anyway?

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Comments on “Newspapers Into Broadcasters”

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1 Comment
mhh5 says:

Some broadcasts may be okay...

It depends on *how* the broadcasts are done. If it’s just the same as radio or TV, who cares? I can watch TV or listen to the radio w/o a internet connection. But if I can pick my way thru headlines and personalize the broadcast while I fold my laundry, then that’ll be cool. I envision a “star trek”-like computer interface: “Computer, give me tech news. Play soft background music. Earl grey tea, hot.” That would be cool.

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