Speculation Over Missing Mozilla Code

from the calm-down dept

I first saw this yesterday, but here’s another story about the missing Mozilla code. It seems that some of the Mozilla code that can be used to block advertisements in the browser is now missing, and folks are quick to blame AOL for forcing the cut (since AOL loves their advertising). As this article points out, there are a number of other potential reasons for the change, and considering that Mozilla is an ongoing thing, it’s not like this decision is final.

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Comments on “Speculation Over Missing Mozilla Code”

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Andy says:

Their reasons seem pretty good to me...

If you read the bugzilla entry Slashdot posted you’ll find that the code was not actually removed. It’s just disabled by default while development continues. Management order it off by default because it was hindering other developers, not because some AOL exec decided they didn’t like it.

The implication (though they didn’t say it) was that it would be restored once the issues that it was having had been worked out.

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