Get Buried on the Moon

from the funerals-in-space dept

A company that already offers to shoot your mortal remains into space will now (for a higher fee) bury you on the moon after you pass away. Is this going to become the next “in” way to leave this world?

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Comments on “Get Buried on the Moon”

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Mr.White (user link) says:

Ashes to ashes.......

Is this a good idea? To start littering our fellow heavinlly bodies? Doubt it….. I suggest, take a REAL peice of you….apendix, fingernail shavings, hair, odd-growths.. and severed body parts…..THEN launch them on the moon, THAT would be cool! Kinda morbid…but, imagine saying to your honey…. “My left pinky is on the moon, there…in that crater” …wow.

mhh5 says:

sacred moon...

I remember reading that NASA had to apologize to some native americans for burying either Shoemaker or Levy on the moon b/c they complained that the moon is sacred to them…

My question is: why stop at the moon? Why not aim yourself at the “edge” of the universe? Or how about search for ETs by shooting ourselves at them?

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