The Air Limo

from the travel-in-style dept

See? We’re not just about the internet. Here’s a story on the air limo which is basically just a small plane designed to revolutionize the air plane industry. It’s an interesting concept, but I’m not sure I buy all the hype. Besides, I’m still waiting for my own personal jetpack for flying around the country.

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Comments on “The Air Limo”

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1 Comment
Mr.White (user link) says:

Mike......after a few drinks......

Mike, no offense… your site, just a note about your…um, grammer?
See, we’re not just about the internet?
This is a statement, in a question format. Just sounds phunny. If you took out the ? …it would work. Otherwise, keep up the good work. Btw, I am posting….about the article….
LIMO? In the Sky? Arg…I mean, first class not enough? How far can you possiably fly? When you rent a limo, you stick your head out the roof and scream….in a plane? If you stick your head out….the passengers scream. -Mr.White

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