Game Testing: Not All Fun and Games

from the nostalgia dept

I was never a really big video game player growing up, but I still remember clearly a friend in high school telling me about his friend (who I never got to meet) who had a job testing video games for Acclaim. So, it’s with a bit of nostalgia that I read about folks who test games. I really tried to find out how to get in on this gig, but it never went anywhere. So, do I believe these folks when they say testing video games isn’t that much fun? Sure. I still would have killed for that job, though…

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Comments on “Game Testing: Not All Fun and Games”

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Mr.White (user link) says:

One of those jobs......

This is one of those jobs……that you are so excited, you pee in your pants on the interview type of jobs….I almost did when I got my LAN Admin position for Darth Armstrong…..very fun, well…it was. Same thing w/ ‘beer testers’ ….sounds fun, but …really, how much they going to pay you? Any Bob.Smith could do it. Someone want to be my backscrater? Or my @$$ kisser? I *will* pay you 🙂

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