Techdirt in MSNBC

from the making-me-sound-like-a-moron dept

So, there’s an odd jump in traffic that makes me check out the referrer logs, and discover: MSNBC mentioned Techdirt yesterday. That’s nice of them. They say we’re “a great place to get the pulse on popular reaction to tech news”, which may or may not be true. They also quote me. Of course, the quote is terrible and makes me sound like a moron, but that’s okay.

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Comments on “Techdirt in MSNBC”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Your quote Mike

Hmm… well, the fact that a lot of people come to Techdirt and don’t post comments really doesn’t trouble me much. Sure, it would be fun if more people spoke up. When I originally put Techdirt together the vision was to be a place where people could discuss all sorts of stuff, whether by submitting stories, or by commenting on them. Some people do. Since, I’m a born lurker, though, I understand and appreciate the lurkers who come along and just read the site on a regular basis. I look at Techdirt’s traffic reports and I know that we get a ton of traffic (which has been growing non stop ever since we first launched over 2 years ago). I also receive a ton of Feedback mail telling me how much they appreciate the site, so I know we’re doing something right. If there’s an easy way to get more people to comment, I’m willing to listen, but I think any attempts to force it will only hurt Techdirt more than help. If people want to comment, they will. If they just enjoy reading, then let them read.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Mike........

Don’t get me wrong. I definitely appreciate it when folks post comments. Mr. White, especially has come out of nowhere and posted more comments to posts than anyone else but myself… I like that. It would be nice, also to see some others posting a significant number of comments as well, and to stir some discussion. But, if people see the value in the site as just reading the stories we post, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that…

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