Stealing credit cards

from the Who-gives-a-crap dept

There is a flaw in a popular shopping cart program that allows backdoor access to credit card information (and presumably other personal information). Quite frankly, who gives a shit? If someone steals my credit card I say more power to them. They can use it as much as they want, I’m certainly not responsible for the charges. Personal info is certainly a concern, but if someone really wants to come and visit me, that’s fine…

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Comments on “Stealing credit cards”

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Mr.White (user link) says:

umm, WOW

A real converstaion on this page, new milestone? GO DAN!!!

I use CCs online, no biggy, if someone steals it…they can only take what I have in my checking account, and helllo, I found out I don’t make that much soo, I say let them. I don’t welcome it, but ..same reason we have car insurance, we don’t want ‘them’ to break in but ..if it happens, who cares? The only prob is IF the bank will not get the cash back for you.

My page is up,, mail WILL be up tonight!

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