Paying Metallica for Pirating Their Songs

from the great-ideas dept

Sometimes you see a story that makes you happy you’re involved with all this internet stuff. Here’s one. Following on Metallica’s ridiculous idea to sue Napster and some universities for helping people pirate their music some folks have set up a site that lets people donate money to Metallica if they happen to have some of their pirated tunes.

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Comments on “Paying Metallica for Pirating Their Songs”

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stfu (user link) says:


$50 to metallica, nothing.
$50 to me, a lot.

With that said, metallica has more than enough money already. This cracks me up, these bands go
on talk shows and whatnot, and claim that it’s “all about the music”, then they get mad when somebody steals a penny or two from them.

It’s all about the music, but don’t you dare make us lose 5 cents, cuz we’ll sue the shit outta ya.

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