Unified Messaging the Next Killer App?

from the has-he-actually-used-it? dept

Here’s a column suggesting that unified messaging will be the next killer app. I find that hard to believe as there are thousands of unified messaging companies out there and I don’t know anyone who uses one on a regular basis. It seems to have just created more confusion than anything else.

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Comments on “Unified Messaging the Next Killer App?”

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1 Comment
Mr.White (user link) says:

I supported GTE's Unified Message....

Ewww. The thought was there and the device was setup, but it just did not work with the existing technology….I believe maybe in a few years…. I would like to see EVERY street corner have ‘web terminals’. Check email and stocks/web pages….[no porn], like movies & buy tickets [any type].
Just a thought….


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