Internet Access on Cell Phones

from the too-much dept

I think people are going a little overboard on wireless predictions. First, here’s a guy who is saying that people won’t use computers to access the internet any more because they’ll only do it over cell phones. While I agree that some people in some situations will (and do) find it useful to be able to access the internet from cell phones, I still don’t see it as a major way of accessing the internet. I highly doubt that people will give up full computers for their cell phones. Finally, though, here’s an article that agrees that for the time being, at least, accessing the internet by phone is more of a pain than the next big thing.

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Comments on “Internet Access on Cell Phones”

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1 Comment
Mr.White (user link) says:

Another wear my Alimunimum Suit.....

Arg. I am going NUTS thinking about Cellphones. I have 2 tumors in my brain, 1 in my hip. These phones emmit radation…..sure, they SAY it is safe 🙂
I am a walking EM Field…I have a pager and Cell, I work around computers [non treehugging monitors] and under floresant lights. I am a tumor creating night blind battery waster. Arg.

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