Student dot com founders

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I’ve recently read about a general increase of University students dropping out to focus further on their dot coms. I’ve definately connected with this article in the sense that I’ve found it tough juggling my start-up and being a student. The pressures seem to mount in both directions, Professors expect you to study every waking hour and business meetings tend to drag you away for the majority of the day. Especially, as travelling is such a time consuming activity (I often have to go to London during term time). One very good point that the article makes is that, often the question comes down to failure of the venture or bad grades (guess which one I’m going for?).

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Comments on “Student dot com founders”

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1 Comment
Zebulun (user link) says:


another reason is that schools don’t teach hardly anything related to ecommerce yet students who head into the industry realize that besides general programming language experience, all their skills are useless and they’ll have to be retrained in a plethora of specialized ecommerce solutions.

case in point.
in college i learned C++ on Sun Machines completely ignoring GUI, when i transfered i learned Java completely ingoring GUI and now I’m having to teach myself Vis C++ 6.0, COM and the like. All the skills that got me my new internship were self taught on my own time (perl, HTML, DHTML). Nothing I’m learning in college (with the exception of my current Db course) will apply to this or any future job.

Schools want to keep students?
Start teaching applicable skills, not math theory in COBOL. Catch my drift?


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