Cool MP3 Toy

from the neat-ideas dept

mhh5 writes “Check out this faux cassette…” And, to add some info to that, the link is for an MP3 player that’s in the shape of a cassette and can be used in cassette players as well. A very creative idea. Though, I think the price needs to come down.

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Comments on “Cool MP3 Toy”

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sTrAiN (user link) says:

things that make you go hmmmmmm....

I have to wonder how real this product is. The web site is only a single page with absolutely no contact information and the only link present takes you to some shaddy looking online ordering site. The pictures depict a very well designed and polished product and I can only imagine the R&D costs it would take to manufacturer something like that.

Me thinks it is simply a portable cd player to tape converter with a fancy new skin ( a la Photoshop ) and a set of ear phones plugged into the line-in jack. All for the bargain price of $250.

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