CD Sales Up – Despite Evil MP3s

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Here’s an interesting article about the latest music sales. Turns out that CD sales in 1999 went up. This is amusing after the same people who put out these numbers, the RIAA, has been screaming all year about how MP3s and other digital music formats were going to kill the music business. Of course, they wouldn’t attribute any increased sales to the fact that listeners can hear new music over the web before going out and buying a CD copy…

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Comments on “CD Sales Up – Despite Evil MP3s”

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Todd says:


I recall a factoid last summer that piracy cost the record industry $12B last year (if memory serves — I recall it was 1/3 of the market and I recall them saying the market was $36B; I’ll do my best to dig up the source). Given the infrequency of CD purchases by those around me (but not me, of course), it seemed about right. I recall John Dvorak saying he bet no kid under 18 has bought a CD in the past two years. Despite that the industry grew. Go figure.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

OK so off by 20% on the numerator but factor of 2 on the denominator. Note to self — search before you post. Quote from the Forbes article: The Business Software Alliance estimates that illegal copying costs the $74 billion U.S. software industry $15 billion and no matter how many encryptions, watermarks and other high-tech approaches to stamping out piracy software companies have tested, nothing has worked.

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