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Well, we’re cutting it close to Y2K, so I figured I’d throw in a few Y2K stories for the hell of it. Wired is running a daily commentary on Y2K items including Windows 2000 items that are mislabled for release in 1900 and the fear that cult treatment centers are expecting plenty of disillusioned cult members. is reporting that the White House is (of course) reporting that there will be no serious Y2K problems. My own personal investigation, which involved going to REI last night, determined that the store was quite empty (though that could be due to the holiday season) and a customer inquiring about “small portable stoves – enough to cook cans of food or something” was told they were all sold out and couldn’t expect new shipments until the new year. For your info, I bought a pair of sunglasses (gotta look cool when the end of the world comes).

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