Former CMGI Suing for Stock

from the oh-get-over-it dept

Neil Braun, who CMGI brought on to help create and build their iCast company, and was later fired, is now suing CMGI for stock options he says are owed to him. I’m not sure what the terms of the deal were, but it is pretty standard that these sorts of things vest over time, and if he got fired, than there’s a good chance that he shouldn’t be getting options. Isn’t it a great world when people expect to be paid millions for doing a bad job?

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Comments on “Former CMGI Suing for Stock”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

A bad job?

Hey, I know a gent who was promised a %age of the company (one verbal, the other in writing) for being a founder who didn’t get what they were promised and have to sue to get what they feel they deserve.

Think of it this way:
A contract is a divorce document. If everying goes the way it should, there is no need ofr the contract. If they don’t go well, then a court is the final way the contract is intereperated.

Odds are this gent won’t get much…most of the money will go to the lawyer(s),

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