Microsoft Stealth PR Target Middle America

from the mind-control dept

Rumor has it Microsoft has been involved in several grass roots efforts (read: Mighty PR machine) to generate sympathy editorials from local news sources. I believe it! When I last spoke with my mom, who lives in Iowa, she wouldn’t stop talking about how unfair the unfavorable decision against Microsoft was. She said that even people in Silicon Valley were against the decision, since it infringed on their “right to innovate.” At that point I had to stop her and give her the real story. People were dancing in the streets of Palo Alto! These people are being bullied, ripped-off, and gouged by Microsoft every day.

While I was able to clear up the issue for my mom, the situation does not look good for prosecutors for the following reasons:
1. Microsoft has successfully built up public support in middle america
2. Without anyone in Silicon Valley or NYC becoming aware of it
3. Tech companies will not speak up since they fear Microsoft.
4. Microsoft can now force a lenient settlement since public opinion appears to be on their side.

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Comments on “Microsoft Stealth PR Target Middle America”

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Brian says:


Where in Iowa? I live in Marsahlltown (small, right in the middle of the state) and the reaction I get is mixed. My parents don’t have a clue, anyone with a little tech knowledge is mixed, and the PHB’s think it’s a travesty. Same old crap. I think it’s more of a political thing. If you hate the government you hate the trial, if you think the government ain’t bad, you like the trial. MS PR is working overtime, no doubt, but I am not sure of the results.

And keep in mind that the Iowa Attorney General is one of the leaders in the state’s portion of the case. (To tell you how un-political I am, I can’t remember his name, oh well)

Brian – who says “no shit but too late” to the whole trial

Mike (profile) says:

Tsk Tsk Tsk

Now I have to make fun of my admins in public… Hey Brian, a sample of “1” doesn’t necessarily constitute a valid
survey. 🙂 That’s made even more true when the sample is your mother. Also, you should at least try to find some
story that backs up what you’re saying and link to it. And, there are some stories, such as this one that talks about
how Microsoft and the DOJ are battling it out in the court of public opinion.

Also, I disagree with some of your
assumptions. I think Valley companies have shown pretty clearly that they don’t get scared speaking out against
Microsoft. Plenty of them do it all the time, and now a lot of them see it as an opportunity to hit ’em when they’re
down. How it all turns out, I don’t know, but I’ll be sure to ask my Mom next time I speak to her. 🙂

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