Let's grow some plastic!

from the tupperware-farms dept

Ryan Bethencourt writes “It looks like one of the long promised products from agricultural biotech has finally arrived, biodegradable plastic produced by crops. However, they seem to still be pretty low yielding.”

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Comments on “Let's grow some plastic!”

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1 Comment
mike ho says:

ever hear of a polymer called wood?

Big deal. Why didn’t the article point out that we wear “bio-engineered” polymers everyday? Like, duh, COTTON! Hello?! Cellulose has been grown for longer than people have known about its structure. In fact, modified cellulose was the first commericial “plastic”…

As a polymer chemist, I’m not too worried about losing my job to bioengineers. Many plastics will never be replaced by “plant plastics”…

Did Monsanto’s stock rise today…?

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