MCI, Sprint to Merge?

from the Prepare-for-the-FTC-glove dept

Well, they’re talking about it, though neither company would say so. WSJ broke the story, now widely reported. Lots of FTC issues with this potential merger, so this is far from a slam dunk. Sprint will either spin off or issue tracking stock for their wireless division as part of a potential merger, to save their LD stock from the wireless earnings woes.

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Comments on “MCI, Sprint to Merge?”

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Paul Schubitzke (user link) says:

MCI / Sprint SuperTelco

If you ask me … this is a joke! First of all, there are three major interstate telecommunications companies in the U.S. AT&T, Sprint and MCI. Does anyone really think that the FTC is going to allow a merger that would eventually pave the way to THE super telecom? No way! If this merger were to take place, the next big media event would be the purchase of MCI Worldcom by AT&T…and we all know that would never happen. I just hope that more companies like Level Three Communications or Qwest eventually make their way into interstate long distance. Qwest just purchased US West, and hopefully will expand into this market. Otherwise, we are doomed…actually, we have been for years!

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