Andersen Consulting's CEO leaves to Webvan

from the maybe-this-deal-is-not-over-hyped? dept

George Shaheen, the CEO of Andersen Consulting has announced that he is leaving to head up the much celebrated grocery delivery company Webvan. Does this seem strange to anyone else? I guess he got about 5% of the company.

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Comments on “Andersen Consulting's CEO leaves to Webvan”

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1 Comment
Mike (profile) says:

Does anyone think he'll do a good job?

I’m not sure if he’s the guy I’d pick. I guess he is a “grey hair” with lots of experience and a ton of connections, but what evidence is there that he understands the internet? I know consultants tend to believe they can understand anything, but I want to see it happen. Not to say he’ll do a terrible job. He might be able to do some good things, but Webvan still strikes me as a tricky proposition (even if their vans are *everywhere* in the Bay Area these days).

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