Online Music Locker

from the your-music-anywhere dept is going to do for MP3, what Hotmail did for email. They are going to give users 250MB of online storage for MP3s that users can access from any web capable PC. Once we have cell phones that can access the web and play MP3s, you will be able to take you music almost anywhere.

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Comments on “Online Music Locker”

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Wonko the Sane (user link) says:

Who'll use this?

Who wants to spend hours uploading/downloading their MP3 collection to/from a website? Most web users still use dialup connections, and even over fast ADSL or cable connections, downloading an MP3 every time I feel like listening to it would get tedious. What’s the real point of this?

Storage is cheap enough these days that 250 megs is nothing. Not to mention that my multi-gig MP3 collection wouldn’t fit in that space. I think this is just a publicity stunt…

One has to wonder though…if I store illegal MP3s in my space on this site, who gets tapped by the law? Hmm….

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Who'll use this?

Depending on how MyPlay is set up, I could definitely see some uses for it. Agreed, that storage is cheap, but the ability to access at least a portion of my MP3 collection from anywhere does have some advantages. There are definitely some cool things that can be done with an MP3 storage locker, but I’m not sure about the legality of them all. What if you could use them to basically make a much more easy to setup shoutcast stream? It’s not so much the storage that’s the issue, but what you can do with your MP3’s…

erik says:

Re: Re: Re: Who'll use this?

having my MP3s available to me from both my home and work computers is a definite plus, especially if those files could be Shoutcast/Icecast-streamed to me from the MyPlay servers at a bit rate that is appropriate for whatever connection i’m on at that time.

plus, one could avoid the upload/download problem on files pulled off the internet – have MyPlay pull the MP3 file from Epitonic or or wherever directly over their connection, and the file never touches one’s hard disk (or one’s dial-up line); it just shows up in one’s “locker”.

by the way, who thought up the term “locker”? mmm, scummy tile floors and smelly socks…

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