Apple to invest in AMDs .18 micron Dresden plant.

from the what-do-you-get-when-you-combine-2-companies-that-can't-produce-chips-well? dept

Zebulun writes “It seems that that Apple whose stock has been at an all time high for some time, will be reporting Q4 earnings less than expected. Why? They say its because Motorola, the primary makers of the G4 processor can’t make them fast enough. So it’s no surprise that Motorola has decided to buy a 50% stake in AMDs new Dresden plant. This is a win-win deal that will put some much needed money into AMD’s pocket and give Motorola the ability to use the Dresden plant’s .18 micron technology to build even more G4s.” Definitely an interesting idea following on the earlier Apple problems in getting G4’s, but it only works if AMD can actually build a plant with good yields, something they haven’t shown much capacity for in the past.

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