Death of Firefly

from the internet-pioneers dept

Well, here’s one for the nostalgia books: Microsoft, who last year bought the remains of Firefly, is now shutting down the site. This is amazing to those of us who remember Firefly back when it first came out. The articles about it were everywhere. This was a company that could not fail and was going to take over the world. It certainly died a long time ago, well before the Microsoft buy out, but to now have the site shuttered, just puts the final exclamation point in the story.

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Comments on “Death of Firefly”

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1 Comment
Galya Pikarsky says:

Firefly networks Inc


I know that it has been a while since firefly was an issue. I’m an MBA student and I read your comment about – Firefly dying long before it was purchased by mircrosoft.

What did you mean by that and do you have any sources you can reffer me to that deal with this issue – mistakes done before the buyout…

I will greatly appreciate your comment,


Galya Pikarsky

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