Dot-Coms Go After Billboards

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Article in Wired about how the price of billboard space is sky rocketing in the Bay Area due to all the dot coms trying to get branding space. I know, these days, it’s always a complete surprise to me when I see a billboard on 101 that is not for a dot com. I wonder why some hotel or whatever is wasting their time and money. It’s a business opportunity, though. Electronic billboards… be able to change the inventory more often and segment better (morning drivers can see one thing… evening drivers another). Come on, people, this is Silicon Valley. You gotta keep up.

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Comments on “Dot-Coms Go After Billboards”

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1 Comment
Jon Acheson says:

The techies are working on it...

Various types of updateable electronic paper displays are under development. They’re designed so you can update them, but they don’t refresh constantly like a computer monitor does.

If they can get color working, and prevent the color from fading, this will probably be put into effect at the choicer billboard locations. Why not get 4 people on board at 40% of the price each?


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