Feminising the Web

from the stereotyping-content dept

The BBC has an interesting article about attempts to feminize the web since there is a feeling that the web is mostly a “masculine” place. This has interested me for some time for a number of reasons. I find it hard to believe that you can simply come up with content that is a must see for an entire gender. Also, specifically targetting a gender seems to be rather silly. I understand focusing on a specific interest group, which might be made up mostly of one gender, but to say that a gender represents an interest group confuses me. I don’t necessarily post stuff that I think “men” will like, but I do try to create content that I think certain types of people (people like me who are interested in high-tech and business) might find interesting. Assuming people continue to create content that they themselves find interesting, with the assumption that there is a similar group of people, and some of those people creating the content are women, then somehow I get the feeling that all group contents needs will eventually be met. These things seem to happen more by accident then by setting out with a purpose (or a target market). But, then again, are there any women who actually read Techdirt?

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