Digital Darwinism Review

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Salon is running a review of the latest book by Evan Schwartz: Digital Darwinism. In it, he apparently tries to predict which types of companies will survive, and Salon doesn’t seem to believe him. While I think the concept of the book sounds interesting, I’d be surprised if his percentage correct is very high. Fact is, there are way too many variables to factor in. If there weren’t, we’d all be rich in the stock market.

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Comments on “Digital Darwinism Review”

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1 Comment
Evan I. Schwartz (user link) says:

Digital Darwinism

This is an incorrect summary of a review of my book. To clear it up, I don’t predict which companies will succeed and which will fail. I provide strategies that will give your company a better chance of surviving and thriving, while showing case studies of firms that disregarded these lesson and ones that defined them in the first place. More info at my site.

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