In the air

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The Industry Standard has a great story about the next generation of PDAs and the challenges in front of them. Donna Dubinsky and Jeff Hawkins of Handspring chime in with some thoughts and hints with where they are going.

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Comments on “In the air”

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Jon Acheson says:

Interesting take...

Given the popularity of pagers, I can see how the general population might go for infobites delivered through wired PDAs. It’s got to be cheap, though, and cheap is probably a few years away.

In the meantime, a dirt cheap Gameboy PalmPilot sold as a high school graphing calculator could easily beat the wired model into people’s pockets. Another possibility is that companies like Motorola will build instant messaging functionality into the cellphones that people are already carrying. After all, why carry two electronic gizmos when one will do both jobs?

The big thing that companies probably want is not so much to control the manufacturing of the widgets themselves as to be making money off the message traffic that gets sent around. At a few cents a message, teenagers could burn through a lot of small change in a Saturday afternoon.


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