Amazon expands again

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Dan Miller writes “So, Amazon once again expands into new markets. For the first time, they are not the price leader in a given market with their entry into electronics. Their price for the Palm V is $399, over $50 more than The question becomes will Amazon’s convenient shopping experience and superior customer service encourage consumers to spend more, to get better service?

My opinion: No, at first. But, as the ecommerce world shakes out, this crazy price game that is taking place will go away and companies like Amazon and Wal-Mart will stand out and win the game.”

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Comments on “Amazon expands again”

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Mike (profile) says:

I agree with Prash

I think I agree with Prash on this one. has such a trusted name in e-commerce, and people seem to really feel comfortable ordering from them that I’m not sure price is as big a factor with them any more. For instance, I personally have shelled out more for books because I was buying them at Amazon rather than some no name place that I wasn’t sure I trusted.

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