Techdirt for the Palm VII

from the all-wired-up-and-nowhere-to-go dept

Well.. just finished up the Techdirt PQA (Palm Query Application) for the Palm VII.. The much awaited Palm VII comes out monday, and I’ve noticed a ton of new PQAs pop up in the past day.. Our humble little PQA even garnered the coveted 5 plane ranking!

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Comments on “Techdirt for the Palm VII”

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1 Comment
prash (profile) says:

No Subject Given

Great,like I really needed another reason to buy a Palm VII. This is the Pilot I’ve been waiting for. Others have upgraded as new Pilots have come out. Not me. I still use my well worn Pilot 1000 (upgraded to Palm Professional via upgrade card). This is the first Pilot I think is worth upgrading too. Plus, I’m going blind since I don’t have a backlight. Its probably worth waiting till the national roll out, because the price may be adjusted.

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