Typos Might Infringe On Trademark

from the legal-stuff dept

Apparently having a domain that is a typo of a popular name may be trademark infringement. I think it’s questionable, and I wonder if the same outcome would have occured if the site the typo pointed to wasn’t a porn site.

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Comments on “Typos Might Infringe On Trademark”

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1 Comment
Dennis (user link) says:


this reminds me of one of my favorite failed ventures… typo.net — basically, the went around registering a bunch of common typos “yaho.com”, “microsorft.com”, etc.. and if you went there, they serve you an ad, and then redirect you to the appropriate place..

I’m pretty sure autocomplete killed them off (and I only ever saw one ad.. something for a sporting goods store in New Jersey, I think).

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