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  • Questions For ACTA Negotiators

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 28 Jun, 2010 @ 07:41am

    My comment is on the new TechDirt buttons on the posts.
    "What the hell are you doing profiling your users?"
    I wouldn't click on one of those stupid buttons if you paid me.
    What happens next? Only comments that meet the required numbers will be listed?
    Right now the comments are in in the order entered and was very interesting and natural.
    You are promoting a system of showing us the postings in the order of relevance, which is a system that can be abused. What stops me from multiple clicks?

    Now we get to the question of "Who decides what is offensive?".
    Is there going to be an evaluation committee that decides if the complaint is valid? You guys must not have enough to do there to be able to take on micromanaging your articles.

    I love the irony though, censorship on the web site that bitches about censorship. It's only right because why would you be any different than anyone else? It's your website and you probably have been getting complaints and instead of practicing real non-biased reporting you kow-tow to a few complainers. I personally have never been offended by anyone's remarks on this site. I have read the postings of quite a few idiots including myself and the author. Are the above statements good enough reasons for censorship?

    I always loved this site because I felt free to express myself. But censoring anyone for anything they say is flat out wrong and you will lose readers. I am seriously debating whether this site is remaining relevant. It's seems to me that my relevance will now be measured by clicking.

    Remember everyone offends someone!

  • Amazon Patents Predicting Computing Resource Usage

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 28 Jun, 2010 @ 07:16am

    Great times

    Man this is a great time to be rich!!! All you need is the money and the lawyers (thus the money) and you can patent anything. This is a standard business practice "Dynamic Pricing of Resources" Then you charge what your local market can bear. How does that qualify for a patent? Only if you have the cash. If you have the cash you can get way richer right now. Homes are at all time lows for pricing. Stocks are in the toilet thus cheap. I loved the 44 minute crash of the market recently. We got Nestle for $0.78 but they cancelled the trade. What a wonderful time to be rich!

  • Time For Sports Leagues To Embrace, Not Fight, Free Online Streams

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 28 Jun, 2010 @ 07:10am

    I quote "The IPL authorities have a guaranteed income from their YouTube deal and, with a dedicated millions-strong audience subscribing to their feed, advertisers know how many people they can reach via the stream and how much each commercial slot is worth."
    Since when is YouTube pay-per-view?? Anyone clarify that?

  • A Week After Feds Approve Movie Derivatives Market, Congress Bans It

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 26 Jun, 2010 @ 07:28am


    Sounds like they are burying themselves in legislation. Better watch out or they will create cross-purpose legislation. Wow! The number of lawsuits and lobbying shows that the movie and record industry are doing very well and making big profits. But this is how they reward us for our patronage. They make big profits and then stop us from using the product.

    I went to a movie for the first time in 10 years the other day (Toy Story 3). I had to eat the crap popcorn and drink the crap soda (lost 5 years off my life), had to take a piss and missed 15 minutes of the movie and by the time it was done my ass was so sore from the horrible seats that I could barely get up. Plus I had to pay for this wonderful experience of a night out. I would rather be enjoying the privacy and freedom of my own home and if they don't provide the movie when I want it I will find a way to get it.
    Downloaded first run movies are usually crap because they have to use a movie camera to capture it. The normal person recording a movie in this manner has no lighting and most of the time someone get up and walks in front of the camera. My point is that the quality is so blurry that it gives me a headache watching it on an analog tv, and it is totally unwatchable on a digital one. Why waste the time downloading it? You know it is going to be crap.

    What I DO like about downloading movies is I can watch part of it before I waste the money in the theater because you can't rely on the reviews. It's the same with Software, Video Games and Music. Why waste my money (I don't have) on a product with no refunds or returns. Once the package is opened you can't return Movies, Software, or Music any more. They just assume you copied it and you are not entitled to a refund. I say we have the right to try before we buy especially when there is no refund or return.

    I have accumulated at least a hundred games that my kids thought were crap and they all wound up in the garage in the crap pile. How many VHS tapes do you still have clogging up your living space? Music was even worse. From reel-to-reel to 8 track to cassette to cd to dvd. After a few years of this I became pissed off at being ripped off and stopped having a conscience about ripping them back.

  • Now That Booz Allen Scared The Gov't Into Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In Contracts, It's Time To Cash Out

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 25 Jun, 2010 @ 06:55am


    Only in America! Land of opportunity!

  • ACLU Jumps Into Case Where North Carolina Wants Detailed Info On Your Amazon Purchases

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 24 Jun, 2010 @ 10:03am

    It's not over

    As the State and Federal governments collapse under the weight of their own out-of-control spending, you will see even more taxing and usage fees until we can no longer function. The State Governments in particular are gasping their last breaths as unemployment continues and the corporations continue to destroy our country.
    But us hippie types, you know the ones that were reviled by the Reaganites, the Nixonites and the other freaks running the government, we told you so 50 years ago.
    But why would you listen to your youth when they are only considered fodder for the war machine. I actually hoped I would die before we could no longer reverse the process. But it has got to the point that only outright civil war and a complete rewriting of the constitution will even begin to save this country.
    As to the ecology, this planet's screwed. We need to find another one immediately. The damage is done and only our complete removal from the planet will save it.
    The States are fighting a losing battle and can be relied on to do nothing but harass the citizenry to try to prop up their corrupt government model.

  • Rolling Stone's 'Print First' Mindset Shows How They Lost The Community

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 24 Jun, 2010 @ 09:41am

    Baby I'm Amazed

    I'm amazed that they are still in business. With my generation from the 60's Rolling Stone hasn't been hip since about 1969. Someone still buys this commercial crap? I equate Rolling Stone with Inquirer.

  • Terrible News: Court Says It's Okay To Remove Content From The Public Domain And Put It Back Under Copyright

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 22 Jun, 2010 @ 08:59am

    Get the facts

    This was passed down by a district court, a nobody in the grand scheme of things. I can start a company in East Texas and get a judgement that benefits me from the district court there just because I have a company there. It's a known fact that many of the copyright, trademark and patent infringement cases have been filed in E. Texas. So who cares? It will get overturned in the next appeal. I mean really? A district court deserves such a long rant. Most district courts are extremely biased and only help local people. If it were the Supreme Court I would be worried. After the elections are over there may be more common sense in the new electorate to congress. We can only dream.
    This battle will continue because it is good for business. All of the free press about the subject would make me excited if I worked for the entertainment industry. As long as you have retired RIAA executives on the Copyright Offices Board the game is already bought and paid for by the big boys. The 'small people' have no chance. Follow the money!

  • Instead Of Bad Drivers, What If Speed Cameras 'Caught' Good Drivers Instead?

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 20 Jun, 2010 @ 06:05am

    cover it up

    I make a practice of putting mud on my license plates. Let them work for their cash. Remember you also have the right to see the photograph.

  • Official Twilight T-Shirt Contest Won't Let You Use Anything From Twilight

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 20 Jun, 2010 @ 06:01am

    No Blood

    That's the low blow. No blood in a Vampire movie. Well it all sounds extremely lame and will only be paid attention to by girls that need to be bitten. Please let a man bite me, please.

  • When Recording Everything We See Is Standard, What Happens To Copyright?

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 19 Jun, 2010 @ 07:04am

    Re: Let's arrest everyone

    Don't need to be arrested. All of us are already in prison. A Prison run by the Insurance companies who regulate the workplace, travel, and everything that you insure. Welcome to the World of Insurance. You can own nothing without being regulated as to how to use that item by your insurer. I may be called a socialist, but I would rather be managed by the Government that I elect than some faceless executive who makes up rules only to maximize profits.

  • Cuomo's New Plan: A Good Idea Or A Chance For More Grandstanding?

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 18 Jun, 2010 @ 06:28am

    Slow it down

    Wow! How many pictures in the database? Holy cow! Lots of pixels to compare. Think this will slow everything down and suck up bandwidth?
    Child Pornography is a bad thing and should be prosecuted. But when you have a crime crusader you usually have a small group trying to force their will on the rest of us (prohibition). While socially responsible and caring people just ignore whatever we find offensive. Face the facts Attorney General(s) that Prostitution, Drugs, Gambling and looking at pretty girls naked is not going away and you will never stop it because it is a choice and always will be. You either go there or you don't.
    Concentrate on real internet crime like fraud, con games, defamation of character and slander. Earn your keep and stop hanging with the fringe groups.

  • Viacom Coulton-Gate Deftly Demonstrates Why It's Crazy To Think YouTube Can Know What's Infringing And What's Not

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 14 Jun, 2010 @ 07:47am

    Sue them all

    Viacom is useless except to sue people. Viacom is the the one suing Google and has to prove it in a court of law. That's the hard part. My lawyer friend says that 99% of a successful lawsuit is the location of the suit and the sympathy of the Judge. That all you have to do is find an area that likes your company and then sue. If you have a good name in your local area then the Judge will favor you. It has nothing to do with law just appearance. If the law was just then we wouldn't have to be releasing people constantly because of judicial and law enforcement errors. The biggest crime committed by the law enforcement community is the crime of bias or profiling.
    As I grew up to be a man the best advice I ever got was from my Granny and she said: 'Don't ever trust Lawyers, Politicians or Police because they all lie for a living.'

  • Dear Rupert: Before Putting Up A Paywall, It Helps To Have Your Staff Check The HTML

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 14 Jun, 2010 @ 07:32am

    Bad news

    Is this the guy that gives you a paragraph of a story and then hits you up to subscribe before he will give you the rest of the story? Just memorize the names of his newspapers and then ignore them. I use iGoogle and a plug-in to feed me my news and it shows me the name of the news source. I ignore the Wall Street Journal because they use the same methods.
    My point is everyone has the news and everyone competes to give the news and the advertising is supposed to pay for it. So in a competitive market like that it is obvious I want my news for free. If the newspapers won't give it to me then I go to zahipedia.com and stream any of the cable or other worldwide news stations. Newspapers have an over-inflated sense of worth. I used to use a newspaper to find an apartment, get a job and I still do use the local newspaper to achieve that. The problem is these big news operations think they should control stuff just because they are so big and they forget that they are a local service.

  • Twitter Is Like A Casual Conversation Among Friends Over Dinner

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 14 Jun, 2010 @ 07:22am

    Love the service

    Hate the name. I am from the wrong generation to be called a twit(ter) and I quote: 'A British slang word for an insignificant, foolish or annoying person', again I quote from Wikipedia: 'Twit may refer to: Idiot, a mentally deficient or self-defeating person;' You must understand that the word twit is interpreted as an insult and if the creator of the service had said that to my face we would of had an altercation. The word Twitter reminds me of a little brainless bird flying into the glass door and is too stupid to figure it out. The name sucks and as a result I can't use the service. But it was created by young guy(s) that never thought about other generations and how they react to being insulted.

  • More People Realizing That ASCAP And BMI Are Killing Local Music Scenes

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 12 Jun, 2010 @ 08:25am


    I have to agree. If a venue is going to allow musicians to play covers then they should pay the royalties. The problem with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC is they don't ask for playlists, so they have no real way to track what is being played by any venue including Radio Stations. I speak from experience because I am on the board of directors of TakilmaFM.com which is a online Radio Station and is a good boy and has been paying royalties for 7 years every quarter and not once have any of the 3 powers that be asked for a playlist. When queried on this fact the response from ASCAP was and I quote: 'You must have played one of our songs because we cover so many artists.'
    So what are these places being billed for? I would demand a detailed invoice for the royalties for each song and then demand proof that this song was PERFORMED LIVE at my place of business.
    Where are the bleeding heart lawyers to help the poor musicians through this crap? They are out there and someone just needs to do their homework and find them. Artists have free lawyers and an organization in place to help them. If you have ever sold any Artwork that you created you are entitled to free attorney services.
    I also agree that the draconian methods that the big 3 are handling the collection of royalties is wrong and until people fight back then the abuse will continue.
    They need to present a detailed invoice of services being billed instead of lawsuits and I would defend myself that way in court. No Judge in the world will deny you a detailed invoice if that is your only condition to settling the case and paying the bill.

  • Armenia Decides It Needs Incredibly Strict Copyright Laws

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 11 Jun, 2010 @ 09:16am

    Bait and Switch

    Pretty soon you won't know what the law is because it changes depending on the mood of the politicians (liars). Kinda restricts the travel thing because if you make a mix cd or a copy of your favorite movie to travel with, you may be busted at the border. So no more personal stuff if you want to travel and you better carry the phone number of a reputable attorney with you if you travel to any of these weird countries. In the case of Amanda Knox who was tried in some strange place in Italy, that put Italy on our family's personal no-fly list. So watch where the hell you go. Gone are the days of having your mix with you as you freely travel down the road.

  • Judge Says DHS Can't Hang Onto Travelers Laptops To Search Much Later Without A Warrant

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 11 Jun, 2010 @ 08:23am

    Lock it down

    Encrypt it before you travel and the passwords are your business and you cannot be forced to give them up. The police everywhere lie and cannot be trusted so tell them nothing. They are the true privacy wreckers. Get on a cop's radar and you'll never see privacy again.
    Police Lie. Politicians Lie. Lawyers Lie. This is their job, to defraud, to stretch the truth, to lie. So if Homeland Security tells you a thing it is either a lie or a partial truth. The time has come to decide who to trust. The battle lines have been drawn and now more than ever it is THEM or US.

  • People Pay For Access, Not Content… But Most People Don't Understand The Difference

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 11 Jun, 2010 @ 08:17am

    It's so simple

    Here we go again!! More rhetoric and no solutions. All we have to do is allow the ISP's to add a voluntary monthly fee to cover our copyright infringements and then pay ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC the fees and that's the end of the story.
    If you have a published copyright and belong to one of those services then you get your money. This is flat-out the only way it will ever work to stop piracy. Only greed prevents a system that works.
    It also creates a much easier base to monitor for infractions. The people that don't buy will be watched for copyright infringements. You want privacy then buy it like everything else. The United States Constitution does not guarantee privacy!!

  • European Privacy Czar Very Worried About ACTA

    WammerJammer ( profile ), 11 Jun, 2010 @ 08:07am

    More third party work

    ACTA is simply more work for the lawyers. Which is one of the 3 professions you can't trust. Police, Politicians (the terrible two) and Lawyers. What I was taught was to avoid those 3 because they lie for a living and can't be trusted.
    Anyone prove otherwise??

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