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  • TSA Threatens To Sue Guy For Not Agreeing To Having His Groin Touched By TSA Agents

    vilain ( profile ), 15 Nov, 2010 @ 07:47pm

    Re: Deal with it.

    The whole "nothing to hide argument" has been fought back and forth between legal scholars for years. I may truly have nothing to hide but that's none of your beeswax. And making the rational decision to opt-out of being scanned and being patted down should not be required. I think TSA is in for a fun time on Nov 24 when the "OPT OUT" crowd shows up at America's airports essentially shutting them down.

    Personally, I'd be happy to be patted down while wearing my kilt commando. Just so long as the guy doing it is hot. I'll even bring my own lube for a cavity search if it goes that far.

  • TSA Threatens To Sue Guy For Not Agreeing To Having His Groin Touched By TSA Agents

    vilain ( profile ), 15 Nov, 2010 @ 07:23pm

    Re: Tough Call

    If you have a favorite lube, bring that if this is going to be your strategy. I'm thinking you joke with the screeners, a cavity search is next. Might as well make it fun for everyone. Say you're allergic to the stuff they use and they have to use your mint flavored lube.

  • Cooks Source Editor Finally Responds… Makes Things Worse [Updated]

    vilain ( profile ), 05 Nov, 2010 @ 11:23am

    Take action

    Has anyone of the people vilifying Ms. Griggs thought to contact the advertisers in COOKS SOURCE and complain that the magazine is plagiarizing content and that they won't stand for it. If enough advertisers complain or stop, maybe the magazine will fire this idiot editor. Or cease publication leaving Griggs without a job.

  • Warner Bros. Claims That Annoying Customers With 28-Day Rental Delay Is Working

    vilain ( profile ), 06 Oct, 2010 @ 04:06pm

    Re: They need to get over themselves.

    If I haven't seen the movie, chances are I decided "wait until video" when it was in the theaters. I'm most likely not going to buy that movie anyway. That's why it's on my Netflix list. I either see movies in the theaters or via DVD rental.

    If I've already seen the movie, loved it, and want to own it so I can watch it again and again, I'll wait until it's in the stores and not bother renting it. There are very few movies in this category. I don't own many movies for this reason.

    Such release windows don't influence my buying behavior because I don't usually buy DVDs.

  • Big Brother In Your Garbage Cans

    vilain ( profile ), 08 Sep, 2010 @ 04:51am

    keeping the bums at bay

    My condo association was able to go from 2yd^3 bins for trash to 2 2yd&3, 1 for trash and one for paper. It cost us less per month for the paper+trash so we did it. It requires the residents be mindful and separate their trash from their paper recycling. Every once and a while we get some lazy-ass renter throwing everything in the recycling bin and have to yell at the landlord. I don't see an easy way to enforce the lazy-asshole element to recycle except charging more per-pickup up front (make recycling bins free but don't empty them if there's obviously trash in them and charge slightly more per trash bin 66%).

  • Is Free Parking Costing Us Billions?

    vilain ( profile ), 17 Aug, 2010 @ 01:23am

    no parking = no business

    Various cash strapped cities in the SF Bay area are considering doing away with the free Sunday parking. I've already paid more in parking tickets than I care to in San Mateo taking my sick mom around. And don't get me started on the City. I haven't been up there in 3 years because parking got so bad. Looks like it's Netflix from now on and to hell with theater.

  • Teacher Loses Defamation Lawsuit Against Student Journalist

    vilain ( profile ), 13 Aug, 2010 @ 05:53pm

    What about costs?

    I'd have liked to see the judge impose a "with prejudice" clause on this case so that the teacher would have to pay the student's court and attorney costs.

  • Plastic Surgeon Sues Online Reviewers Who Gave Her Bad Reviews

    vilain ( profile ), 15 Jul, 2010 @ 12:25pm

    Re: Re: libel v malpractice

    Actually, "it's all true" isn't a defense against a claim of libel. So be very careful what you post that's critical. Someone doesn't like it, they can sue regardless. Stupid, I know.

    Then again, the attorney that's fighting this case for the MD sure saw her coming. I wonder if she's a real blonde 'cause she sure is acting like one. I wonder if the attorney told her that discovery for the case would probably be worse than an unsedated colonoscopy and last for much longer. And IMO, the upside of litigating this is very small. If you win, you're the MD that sued their critics on how bad your skills are. There's is no upside to the Streisand Effect.

  • Quackwatch Sued For Suggesting Medical Lab Quackery

    vilain ( profile ), 01 Jul, 2010 @ 02:38pm

    crappy lawyer == cartoony lawsuit

    Sounds like the attorneys hired by the site practice law by boilerplate. Rather than specifically stating the issues, they threw everything into the suit, thereby making the presiding judge decide what's relevant. If it's a small shop, I can see how this might work well. Here's hoping the judge dismisses the entire suit with prejudice making the Dr. Data clowns pay for this. And their law firm walk away with nothing.

  • Court Says Border Patrol Can Take Your Laptop For Off-Site Search If They Have Reasonable Suspicion

    vilain ( profile ), 03 Jun, 2010 @ 08:58pm

    Corporate vs. personal laptops

    All this just means leave the personal laptop _and_ phone at home (that's searchable and savable too). Period.

    Use an in-country rental for whatever you need and sanitize it before you return it. I haven't used an iPad, but if it can't store stuff, then use it with remote storage for whatever you'd need a laptop for on a vacation.

    Corporate execs must have sanitized corporate laptops for overseas work. IT would transfer what was "safe" to it prior to the trip. Anything company proprietary could be saved onto corporate servers to be accessed via VPN. If the Gustapo find porn on that laptop, that exec is toast anyway.

  • New Webinar: What IT People Need To Know About The Law

    vilain ( profile ), 18 May, 2010 @ 05:02pm

    Legalities won't help if the boss is a crook

    I see posts on Slashdot from time to time from IT people asking, rather foolishly, what to do when they're told to do something unethical or out-and-out illegal by their boss. Writing a letter outlining the reasons why "this wouldn't be a good idea" to the boss and the boss' boss, cc'ing the CEO, will most likely get you fired for refusing to play along. Quitting while dragging your feet is another option. Reporting the as-yet-performed illegal activity to Wikileaks, Interpol, the FBI, Software Business Alliance, etc. will get you branded as unemployable.

    How does this relate to topics to be discussed at this forum?

  • Are Domain Disputes Suffering From Arbitrators Arbitrarily Cutting & Pasting Decisions?

    vilain ( profile ), 06 May, 2010 @ 10:48pm

    Careful, the US will just take over ICANN and the whole Internet

    I can see this happening very easily. All the root servers become US property and taken to the nearest US Embassy. Then Cyberwarfare is easy. Just redirect all China's traffic to LOLcats.

  • Laptop Spy Scandal Administrator Just "Loved" Violating Students' Fourth Amendment Rights

    vilain ( profile ), 19 Apr, 2010 @ 06:33pm


    The problem a former student mentioned is that those students that put tape over the camera or tried reloading the OS with a clean copy of MacOS were threatened with expulsion. And accepting the laptop was manditory, not optional. All students were expected to have them like their school issued textbooks.

    This sort thing is taken to an extreme in Cory Doctorow's LITTLE BROTHER where such laptops are standard everywhere. The hero's solution, a hacked PS3 running an ubersecure Linux. I'll bet Cory's laughing his ass off right now. He should sue the district for copyright infringement. They stole his idea.

  • Hollywood Seeks To Kill Off 3D Golden Goose With Much Higher Prices

    vilain ( profile ), 26 Mar, 2010 @ 10:56pm

    Raising 2D also?

    At $10.50 a pop here in Silicon Valley, I've very picky about what I'll go see in the theater. Anything less than a good/great review I put on my Netflix list. That averages out to less than 1 movie/month. If the prices go any higher, I'll only see a couple a year and go 95% Netflix.

  • Troubling Ruling Against Web Hosting Firm: Your Liability Just Went Up

    vilain ( profile ), 22 Mar, 2010 @ 09:13pm

    I've complained to sites selling spammer's crap

    I used to complain to ISPs that hosted spammer's web sites that they were hosting this crap. Most ignored me. Some replied "So what? We (the isp) didn't spam you. And these are legitimate paying customers."

    Maybe now when I email ISPs and apprize them of the risk of hosting spammer's content, they'll listen and take it down. Suing the ISP for hosting the crap is going to far. But, if you shoot 1 politician a month for being a crook, maybe the others will find another line of work or, wonder of wonders, actually be honest politician.

  • Ubisoft's 'You Must Be Connected To This Server' Annoying DRM Servers Go Down

    vilain ( profile ), 08 Mar, 2010 @ 07:35am

    Re: Damnit

    I didn't buy this game, but if I had and it stopped working because the company "remotely turned it off", I'd be back at the point of purchase (aka my local game store) to complain. If they won't give me another game of equal value or a full credit-card refund, I'd contact the credit card company and request a charge back. I'd tell that to the owner of the store and all my friends. This might possibly result in the owner's credit card processor putting their account on hold, thereby limiting their ability to take credit cards. If I bought it from an on-line store, same thing. If enough people return the game as defective (it's got DRM that doesn't work), maybe Ubisoft might take notice. The game store owners surely will.

  • School Spying Scandal Gets Even More Bizarre: Student In Question Was Disciplined For Eating Candy

    vilain ( profile ), 22 Feb, 2010 @ 06:54pm

    Re: Re: Re: Constitutionality?????

    And yet, when a reporter did just this to the trash of a local judge, DA, and police chief and published a long article documenting the items found, there was such a hew and cry. Both the DA and police chief wanted the reporter thrown in jail. The judge knew better and just asked for her personal property back.

    Unless you can cite significant case law to support your opinion, it remains just that--your unfounded and uninformed opinion.

    For which I say "Thank you for sharing"

  • School Spying Scandal Gets Even More Bizarre: Student In Question Was Disciplined For Eating Candy

    vilain ( profile ), 22 Feb, 2010 @ 06:46pm

    Re: Constitutionality?????

    A quote from The Dude seems apt here. It goes something like, 'yeah, well, like, that's just your opinion, man'.

  • Pharma Patent Nuclear War In Action

    vilain ( profile ), 03 Feb, 2010 @ 09:03pm

    What about all those awsome new products from J&J

    Like Pledge wipes. Or the Nav'i Bandaids coming soon. Highly imaginative and innovative company.

  • Chicago Prosecutor's Office Leaks Old, Unsubstantiated, Discredited Internal Memo To Smear Innocence Project Founder

    vilain ( profile ), 08 Jan, 2010 @ 04:32pm

    Re: IStates Attorney's Offices

    I'd love to have everyone on the IL AG's entire staff past and present submit to a rigorous financial audit crawling so far up their GI tracts that you can see daylight. It's only fair. If they're going to "get the whole picture out there", it should go both ways. A little corruption, graft, and duplicity is good for the soul.

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