Who Wants To Own Righthaven.com? Domain Seized, About To Be Auctioned

from the start-the-bidding dept

The latest in the continuing Righthaven saga is that as part of the efforts by the court to hand over Righthaven assets to satisfy the court order for Righthaven to pay legal fees in the Hoehn case, the righthaven.com domain has been seized and will be auctioned off. While the domain is currently listed as being in the possession of Hoehn’s lawyer, Marc Randazza, Randazza says that it’s actually been given to the court-appointed receiver, Lara Pearson, who is planning to auction it off. According to Vegas Inc.:

Pearson added Thursday, ?If all goes well, I intend to put the domain name up for auction before the holiday break begins tomorrow, though I have not yet made a firm decision as to where the domain will be auctioned.?

So, get out your checkbooks if you’d like to own a piece of copyright trolling history…

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Comments on “Who Wants To Own Righthaven.com? Domain Seized, About To Be Auctioned”

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xenomancer (profile) says:

Much as I would enjoy enshrining the downfall of Righthaven with a historical record pointed to by their previously owned domain name, I have far more important things to do (like not read the content they were “protecting”). Honestly, rebranding the Righthaven name is almost a lost cause at this point. Purchasing the domain name would almost have to be a historical or humorous pursuit.

That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

You miss an even more wonderful use of the site, use it as a clearing house of information about all of the copyright trolls shaking people down in porn cases. Randazza is very active in these cases, and writes some amazingly wrong threat letters, trying to use fear of being outed or your neighbors being told they think you downloaded gay porn to get paid.

This would be a much better use.

vilain (profile) says:

import the assets

I did a little victory dance when an owner of a property that illegally went into foreclosure sued the bank that did the robosigning. He won a judgement against them and made every attempt to contact them for funds. So he showed up at their offices with a moving van, court order, and sheriff’s deputies. It took the bank president 5 minutes to make out a cashier’s check for the amount of the settlement plus the cost of the van, court costs and the sheriff’s time. It made the papers and was on the AP.

I’d love to see this happen with Righthaven’s CEO. The asset of Righthaven hauled away in a van along with their cars and the contents of their house.

PrometheeFeu (profile) says:

If somebody puts together a kickstart project to buy that domain and do something fun, I will contribute. Two ideas:

1) Put an FBI-style warning about being a copyright troll
2) Redirect to The Pirate Bay
3) Put together a detailed story of the failure of Righthaven as a warning to future copyright trolls.
4) Redirect to the server which serves ICE’s message about having stolen a domain name.

Anonymous Coward says:


Before anybody gets in a bidding war over the domain, remember that the proceeds go towards satisfying the judgment against Righthaven. That means that every dollar the sale of the domain brings in is one less dollar that can be extracted in the form of office furniture and other tangible property that the firm might actually give a shit about.

Anonymous Anonymous Coward says:

Conspiracy Charges?

It sure seems to me that a conspiracy was in practice here. When will all of those involved be charged with conspiracy to commit fraud happen (yeah I know, bought and paid for government official)? I don’t think that monetary sanctions are enough, I would like to see these folks in jail (sharing a cell with Bubba).

Also, redirect to the TPB is good, but don’t forget about the rest of the list of ‘rogue’ sites, they should certainly be included.

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