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  • Treasury Department Meddling In Venture Capital For No Good Reason

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 10 Apr, 2009 @ 07:57am

    "...why it's a mistake for TAX CHEAT Timothy Geither to include venture capital funds in his..."

    There, fixed it for you.

  • Is There Something Fundamentally Better About 'Print' Than 'Online'?

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 07 Apr, 2009 @ 08:34am

    Is There Something Fundamentally Better About 'Print' Than 'Online'?

    Well, yes, there are a few things about print that are fundamentally better than online. Some of which are amenable to change because of improving technology.

    1) Higher contrast (display technology will probably advance enough to render this moot soon, but right now my high-res monitor is still about 1/10 the dot-pitch of newsprint, and 1/50 of a typical magazine).
    2) Low energy consumption (also subject to technology improvement).
    3) Archives. This one may be tough to overcome online. Online stuff is subject to easy and arbitrary change at any time, whether to 'correct errors' or to erase inconvenient and politically embarrassing revelations (like the use of creatively-photoshopped photos by lefty moonbats like DailyKos and MoveOn).

    On the minus side, instant access to damn near anything and the ability to quickly search and cross-reference stuff is a pretty overwhelming advantage of online media. Unfortunately, most folks tend to use those features primarily for quote-mining to support their own petty prejudices, but that's not unique to online media.
    www.chl-tx.com (Thanks BHO, for the fantastic stimulus you have given my buiness!)

  • Is Voicemail The Next Thing To Fade Away?

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 03 Apr, 2009 @ 11:55am

    Re: Re: My voicemail is email..

    YouMail.com has that feature. I don't use it, but I've found the other features of YouMail to be handy enough that I have switched entirely to that from GrandCentral.

    I actually have a hodge-podge of different VM services at this point, and the one I like the very least is T-Mobile's pathetic excuse for VM. YouMail has better integration with the G1 that GrandCentral, but now that Google has taken over GrandCentral, I expect that to change.
    www.chl-tx.com (Thanks, BHO, for the fantastic stimulus you gave my business!)

  • After Being Educated About Negative Effects, Students Stop Using Laptops In Class

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 19 Mar, 2009 @ 02:41pm

    Re: Re: I taught programming classes...

    I have been a CHL instructor for a long time, overlapping the time I was teaching C++ courses. I have also done a number of other things. Right now, my "day job" is writing high-performance graphics tools for military applications, but lately, my CHL classes have roughly doubled my income, thanks to the Chicago Politician with the Blank Resume currently living in the White House.

    I have also been a professional violinist, a short-order cook, a bartender, a chemist, an electronics technician, a nuclear reactor operator/sub sailor, a computer store owner/operator, a tax preparer, and a truck driver, although not in that order. And that's not a complete list.

  • After Being Educated About Negative Effects, Students Stop Using Laptops In Class

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 19 Mar, 2009 @ 02:01pm

    I taught programming classes...

    Back when you could actually make a living teaching C++ programming, I found in one of my classes that several of the students were playing FreeCell. They were the same students that did poorly in the labs, and I also noticed that I did not get very good reviews from that class.

    From then on, whenever I set up a class, I uninstalled all of the games on the systems when I set them up. The students did better, and I got better reviews.

  • White House Says Feds Should Have Unfettered Access To Mobile Phone Location Info

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 19 Mar, 2009 @ 07:28am

    Re: I say ok

    OMG. I hope this is just sarcasm (Poe?!?), and not just cluelessness.
    www.chl-tx.com Thanks BHO, for the tremendous boost you have given my business.

  • Privacy Group Wants FTC To Shut Down Gmail… Again

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 18 Mar, 2009 @ 11:08am

    I've had a gmail account since January 2004

    I've seen a few glitches in gmail, but not as many as I have seen in my ISP's email servers. Which, btw, I never use. I have my own domains, and I use email addresses in those domains forwarded to my gmail account for the higher quality spam filtering, as well as the ability to add my own filter rules easily. I even have multiple gmail accounts that apply different filters before forwarding to another of my gmail accounts. The result is remarkably spam-free email, although not yet perfect.

    But I don't *depend* on gmail (or any other Google service). I download and archive everything myself on a regular basis, and I don't use gmail (or any other Google service) for anything with financial importance to myself (like account passwords). I will always archive my own email, and I will always use addresses with domains that I control for important email.

    I like Google documents, too, but I don't ever entrust the only copy of anything important to them.

    That said, I would echo the sentiments of some of the prior commentors, namely, who the hell put EPIC in charge of anything?
    http://www.chl-tx.com Thanks to the Empty Suit from Chicago with the Blank Resume, my business is booming!

  • Yet Another Truth Telling Computer… Haven't We Seen This Before?

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 09 Mar, 2009 @ 07:08am

    Re: Oh, yeah! A quick follow up...

    Interesting thing about cuil is that even though my chl website pops up first for most of the keywords folks would use for my business, the picture displayed on the right is totally unrelated to anything on my site (although the link is correct). Go figure.

    I'm a bit surprised that cuil is still around. I recall they had that same problem back when I first heard of them.
    www.chl-tx.com Without the 2nd amendment, the rest of the document is wishful thinking. Which is why Obama wants to get rid of it.

  • Yet Another Truth Telling Computer… Haven't We Seen This Before?

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 09 Mar, 2009 @ 07:03am

    Re: One step for innovation, I'd say.

    Different strokes...

    About half the time I search for something, I'm looking for a place to buy it at a good price. That turns out to be more challenging than I want it to be about 80% of the time, and the Google Product Search (formerly Froogle) is also usually a disappointment. As are most of the "price comparison" sites.

    OTOH, I agree about Wikipedia. Wikipedia is something I have in my bookmarks, so listing Wikipedia articles in a Google search is usually (but not always) a waste of my bandwidth.

    Maybe Google could add some sort of general indicator for the type of search desired (background vs. product/price vs. opinion, etc.).
    www.chl-tx.com -- Thanks, BHO, for the fantastic boost you have given to my business!

  • Mileage Tax Idea Going National…

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 20 Feb, 2009 @ 11:53am

    Yet another tax.

    As if we were somehow undertaxed. The problem with government is that it already wastes too much of my money.

    And yes, it's MY MONEY.

  • If Newspapers Went Offline For A Week… People Might Realize They're Fine Without Them

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 11 Feb, 2009 @ 10:26am

    Obama fiasco

    I've lost count, but here are a few gaffs that would have been non-stop front-page news if done by a Republican:

    1) Willful violation of the Logan Act (a felony).
    2) Stumbling through the oath of office.
    3) Telling everybody else they need to conserve energy, then turning the White House thermostats up so that he can be comfortable.
    4) Implying that any dissent is unpatriotic.

    Now, he's pushing the idea that the Porkulous Bill (or Generational Theft Act) is going to 'stimulate' the economy. It will do no such thing, and his attempts to emulate FDR will get the same results, namely, turning a recession into a global financial meltdown.
    www.chl-tx.com BHO has given *my* business a tremendous boost!

  • 'Blogging Won't Make You Money,' Says The Man Who Made Lots Of Money By Blogging

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 09 Feb, 2009 @ 11:21am

    Re: The other problem......

    I haven't had that problem myself; the march of politics provides me with more ideas than I could ever find time to write about. And the more I write, the easier it is to come up with more things to write about.

    BTW, I don't make anything at all directly from my own blog. I probably don't have more than a few dozen readers, max, and I don't even do any adsense or any other ads. But I did notice that when I added a blog (even without linking to it from my main site), my SERPs went up remarkably. I still don't bother to link to it, mainly because I'm a bit curious about whether anybody can actually find it (and a few dozen actually have, even though I'm not sure how!).

    Not sure which had the biggest effect, but between the improvement in my search engine ratings and the paranoia induced by the Empty Suit Politician from Chicago with the Blank Resume, my business has received an enormous boost.
    www.chl-tx.com Thanks, BHO!

  • Google Accused Of Invisibly Deleting Blog Posts On The RIAA's Say-So

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 08 Feb, 2009 @ 11:31am

    Trust Google?

    Hmmm... I use gmail, and I even use a gphone. They are very convenient. But I am careful to download all of my email to my local machine on a regular basis, and all of my important email is routed through my own domain. Neither my email archives nor my email address can be held hostage by Google, ever.

    Likewise, I host my own blog(s). It's no biggie to install WordPress, and hosting fees these days are so cheap it's not worth going with a 'free' service. 'Free' ALWAYS comes with a catch. Especially with an outfit with the financial muscle of Google, with their leftist political agenda.

    Even if my current hosting service decided my blog wasn't "politically correct" enough for them, I could take my backups and be back up in a day or so. If Google decides to restrict my email in any way, I can stop using it instantly.

    I control my email, and I control my blogs. I wouldn't even think of letting Google control either one.
    www.chl-tx.com Thanks, BHO! You have given my business a wonderful boost!

  • Lie Detector Company Threatens Researchers, Draws Much More Attention To Research

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 30 Jan, 2009 @ 02:31pm

    The only thing worse...

    The only thing worse than a lie detector that doesn't work, is one that does.

    Think about it. The only reason most countries don't have thought-crime laws is because "thought-crimes" are pretty much undetectable and/or unprovable. If there ever gets to be an effective, reliable lie-detector, you can rest assured that governments will abuse the technology. You can bet your life on it.

  • Obama Administration Fails Its Own Transparency Promise Just Days Later

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 30 Jan, 2009 @ 10:45am

    Re: Obama Haters!

    Good for whom? Himself, certainly; he now lives in luxury. Turning down thermostats is for Other People. He gets to throw lavish parties (wagyu steak, anyone?) over passage of the largest, most blatant pork-ridden boondoggle (payback for political favors, anyone?) in history. He decided that it's really ok to hire lobbyists, after all. This is just a follow-on to his "promise" to follow public election finance rules.

    Where is the outrage? If this had been a Republican doing all of this, the NYT, along with most other MSM newspapers, would be featuring the outrage on the front page, non-stop, with Libs screaming like wounded beagles. But no, if you say anything at all negative about the Obamassiah, you get thrown off the plane (Dallas Morning News, anyone?).

    The Chicago Politician with the Blank Resume (can't stay blank now, can it BHO?) *has* helped my business tremendously. For at least a short time.
    www.chl-tx.com Makin' hay while the sun shines, because the Libs are about to make it set for a long time.

  • Britannica Boss Trash Talks Google And Wikipedia

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 23 Jan, 2009 @ 10:25am

    16 years ago...

    16 years ago, I had a conversation with a Britannica salesman, and I asked if I could get Britannica on a set of CDs (that was pretty new technology back then, but it was already obvious to me it was the way things were going). He replied along the lines that Britannica didn't need to do any of that 'newfangled' computer stuff; they were the world leader, period, and there was no way that a CD-based encyclopedia could match what Britannica offered.

    To which I replied, "Then Britannica will soon be out of business." He scoffed, and left. Britannica did sort-of see the handwriting on the wall, and eventually climbed all the way into the 20th century. It remains to be seen if they will make it into the 21st.
    http://www.chl-tx.com Thanks to the Chicago Politician with the Blank Resume, my business is BOOMING!

  • Wait, Wasn't Google Supposed To Have Destroyed Our Interest In Reading Books?

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 16 Jan, 2009 @ 11:39am


    Reading (especially recreational reading) has ALWAYS been a minority activity, and always will be. Same for thinking
    www.chl-tx.com Thanks to the Chicago Politician with the Blank Resume, my business is BOOMING!

  • YouTube Bans Video Essayist; Apparently Commentary No Longer Considered Fair Use

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 15 Jan, 2009 @ 01:40pm

    Let's get the culprit's name correct...

    It's GOOGLE, the owner of YouTube. Once the (Liberal with a capital 'L') Google overlords manage to completely take over the internet, you will see more "political correctness" than you could ever imagine.

  • What Would Pushing Back The Digital TV Transition Mean?

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 14 Jan, 2009 @ 08:21am

    This is a Big Deal exactly why?

    I discontinued my cable service and unplugged my remaining TV over a year ago, and have not watched commercial TV since then. Among other positive changes I've noticed since then, my blood pressure has gone down, and I sleep better.

    All this brouhaha over the HD switchover starts with the erroneous assumption that it is important. The Electronic Wasteland has not had enough good content to justify its existence in several years now, and HD isn't going to change that.
    www.chl-tx.com --Thanks to the Chicago Politician with the Blank Resume, my business is booming.

  • Where's That Line Between True Democracy And Mob Rule?

    TXCHLInstructor ( profile ), 03 Jan, 2009 @ 05:50pm

    Direct democracy

    Direct democracy == mob rule

    Which is what we are coming to. As soon as the unfettered Liberal (communist) administration can neutralize the 2nd amendment, the COTUS is a Dead Letter.

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