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  • Oct 8th, 2013 @ 10:04pm

    Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

    Then they should stop hiring lousy low-bidding contractors to do the work. Too many times I've heard in store meetings how the manager claims to have saved the day helping out a customer who wasn't happy with the contractors work by doing such and such. Never once have I heard him admit the many times customers have been ignored. When you deal with customers on a daily basis you have a lot of them venting to you when you are helping them. If they can't find good contractors they should stop offering installations. Yes, they would lose a ton of money but if they aren't willing to back up the contractors work all they are doing is hurting themselves because customers only see Lowe's, not the "independent contractor" who did the work.

    If a customer slips and falls on a piece of plastic from one of the bundled pallets that was left by an employee they don't go and sue the employee, they sue Lowe's. This is the same case with the contractors they hire. I've seen good contractors dropped and exchanged for terrible ones. Then again, that's the Lowe's way. They have a lot of terrible employees who do nothing but text on their phones and hang in groups chatting with each other while ignoring customers and nothing happens to them. But, the hard workers are expected to pick up their slack. Customers are starting to see this, at least at my location and are getting fed up with the way these managers are running the store and caring less about the customer satisfaction they claim to stand by. Bottom line: Don't send a contractor to do your installations if you aren't going to stand by their work. People pay good money for installations. The least they can get is what they paid for, the first time, not second, third or none at all.

    Lowe's if falling apart and hanging themselves by having less full time staff and throwing new employees into the fire to train themselves. They claim to have training but it has nothing to do with the real world. And don't even get me started on their very 80's computer ordering system. HD runs rings around them when it comes to doing special orders. Enough of my ranting.