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  • May 17th, 2011 @ 7:13pm

    Facebook lawsuit

    And one of the tactics of large vested interest is the use of publicists and others to generate spin for their version of events, casting scorn on the honest people seeking redress. Doubtless the vehemence of some of these comments arises from those with vested special interests of that sort. Treble damages are for people who employ such practices.
    I think the twins should take control of the company, break the grasping, lying interloper and drive him out. Perhaps then we will at last have an honest discourse. This din of thieves appears in need of such a remedy.
  • May 17th, 2011 @ 5:45am

    To get anything at all, they must have them dead to rights

    Being just a couple of guys demonstrating absolute proof of their contention is how they finally got anything at all. Their complaint seeks redress of their unconscionable injury due to loathsome misbehavior on the part of the billionaire's vast negotiation team who felt no obligation to be forthcoming and never saw themselves as having a fiduciary duty to the real co-owners of the company. I do hope that the twins finally get a fair shake.
    I have a similar problem with another website, (www.pheromones.com) but there will be no justice for me.
    That's my handprint in Borne Identity, and notes in my handwriting appear in E.T., Close Encounters, K-PAX, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society and Back to the Future. I invented "The Force", "The Jedi", and "The Pirate Code". Inception, Avatar, Titanic, Forrest Gump, Phantom Menace--all were my creations, but all I got was a pack of microcassette tapes and $1.00 for my cave sax solo in Dead Poets Society in return for signing a piece of paper I couldn't have a copy of. There is absolutely no justice in America, unless the twins can be vindicated and properly and promptly paid.
  • Oct 3rd, 2010 @ 8:21am

    Well, sorta

    One person can innovate as well or better than the entire human race. A lot of stuff generally (badly) ill considered as unapproachable scientifically is quite amenable to systematic testing and elucidation. Right now I can change sexual orientation, I can cure criminal behavior, I can cure drug addiction, I can cure runaway behavior in humans. Making artificial gills is easy, not impossible, so is a room temperature super-conductor. And that one person's contribution can be felt over wide areas, too. Inception was my idea, ditto Avatar, Titanic, The Matrix, Forrest Gump, Star Wars, E.T. and a host of others. You think idea theft is good? Perhaps if we gave out death sentences for filing false copyright & patent claims, we could control theft, but stealing intellectual property is so easy any complete airhead can do it.

    "At least we don't tax innovation and hunt down inventors as much as we used to." That is my solace?

    An effective, broad-spectrum  medical treatment for boarderline personality disorder, suicidal ideation, drug addiction, delinquency, and perversion has been discovered.  It is a human pheromone, the healthy adult male facial skin surface lipid 'kissing daddy' pheromone.  Unfortunately and presumably due to differing metabolic/neuronal pathways, alcoholism is little effected by pheromone treatment.  One dose of 150-250 mg provides permanent relief of even the most obdurate cases.  


    Nicholson, B. 1984;  Does kissing aid human bonding by semiochemical  addiction?   British Journal  of  Dermatology  111(5):623-627.

    Nicholson, B. 2009:  Of Love  Amazon Digital Services, http://tinyurl.com/y8vxlxp ASIN: B0030MIG24

    BBC-TV interview
    typical anecdote
  • Aug 13th, 2010 @ 1:05pm

    Theft is the problem, not the solution

    The problem is that marauders determined to steal ideas hunt down thinkers and steal their ideas. The odd thing is that this is not illegal, it's not even considered immoral!
    Suppose you have an idea and post it on the internet. Some hunchback at a university takes it, writes it up, and publishes it as his/her own. Now, your idea is out there, true, but who cares? It's the hunchback who gets the patent instead of jail time.
    We need to imprison people who file fraudulent or false claims of any kind with the government. We need a tracking system.
    I have provided more than 3 trillion dollars worth of economic enhancement to the USA. My ideas carry tens of thousands of high paying US jobs. Millions of American families have profited from my works. (e.g. HOPE Scholarships--college for millions, Avatar, Titanic, Inception, 6th Sense, Forrest Gump, Wag the Dog, Star Wars, E.T.) If I had one tenth of one percent of the profits that my ideas have provided to humanity, I would have my own lab and we could get some real progress made. As it stands now, I linger in squalor. I had to run an experiment with human blood in my back yard to discover the cause of atherosclerosis.
    Is our society so broke that the best and brightest among us must languish in poverty, without hope, lost and forlorn?
  • Feb 13th, 2010 @ 11:43am

    Fat chance for fairness (as Ross Nicholson)

    I've gotten $1.00 from Miramax and some cassette tapes for:
    Filming Star Wars was my idea
    Stories,characters,speeches & concepts (as The Force, The Jedi, The Code) A Few Good Men, Aladdin, Alexander, American Beauty, American President, Apocalypse Now, Apocalypto, Armageddon, AustinPowers, Avatar, The Aviator, Back to the Future, Bandits, Batman, Beautiful Mind, Benjamin Button, Big Fish, Bourne Identity (my handprint), Braveheart, A Bronx Tale, Bruce Almighty, Cast Away, Catch Me if You Can, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chronicles of Narnia, City of Angels, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Da Vinci Code, The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, Elf, Enemy of the State, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Finding Nemo, Forrest Gump, Galaxy Quest, Gattaca, Gladiator, Green Mile, Good Will Hunting, Hellboy, Hook, Independence Day, I Robot, The Island, Jaws (styrofoam cup bit), Journey to the Center of the Earth, Juno, Lemony Snicket, LOR, Lost in Translation, The Mask, The Matrix, Meet the Parents, The Mexican, Minority Report, Munich, Mystic River, Mystic Pizza, National Treasure, Never Been Kissed, Night at the Museum, Passion of the Christ, The Patriot, Pirates of the Caribbean, Princess Frog, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Remember the Titans, Road to Perdition, Runaway Bride, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List, Shawshank Redeption, Shrek, Signs, The Simpsons Movie, 6thSense ,Sleepy Hollow ,Something About Mary, Space Cowboys, Spiderman, The Terminal, 300, Titanic, Troy, Truman Show, V for Vendetta, Vanilla Sky, The Village, Wag the Dog, War of the Worlds, Wedding Crashers, What Women Want, What Lies Beneath, Wild Wild West. Morning Edition, Simpsons, The Visitor, Touched by an Angel, Bones, Justice, House, Lost, Numbers, Kings, Fringe
    3 ways to stop hurricanes, artificial gills, room temperature protein superconductor, effective artificial heart, artificial kidney, repair of CNS lesions.
    Coined "Inclusive" and "Inclusive Democracy" from math term.
    Proposed Deadbeat Dad Laws.
    Proposed mecamylamine drug trials ($100-200 million/yr to USF, Tampa)
    Proposed LightsOnTampa! Floating Riverwalk, WaterTaxi, Crosstown Xway bridge to StPete w/rail link&airport for MacDillAFB.
    Developed pheromone cure for crime, addiction & perversion.
    Proposed GA's HOPE ScholarshipProgram (Florida's BrightFutures).
    Poems for DeadPoetsSociety (&sax solo), lyrics for "Light&Day" Spotless Mind
  • Jan 23rd, 2010 @ 7:56am

    Re: MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIES (as Ross Nicholson)

    Actually, patents and copyrights are not infallible. For instance, I created the story for Avatar and James Cameron owns the copyright. Why? Because he stole the story from me. The Writer's Guild refuses to step in, why? Because it is a sham organization. Impoverished, I have to hire my own lawyers--and who is going to go up against James Cameron?
    So, sticking up for our current system is like sticking up for stick-up men. It just doesn't make sense. We need revolution for justice, clearly.
  • Dec 21st, 2009 @ 3:51pm

    Cure for Alzheimer's (as Ross Nicholson)

    Of Love
    The Cure for Crime. The Cure for Drug Addiction.
    The Cure for Homosexual Perversion.
    Bubba Nicholson
    Published by: Nicholson Science
    2604 W JETTON AVE
    TAMPA, FL 33629-5325
    Nicholson Science, Tampa, Florida
  • Dec 15th, 2009 @ 12:13am

    My case is why we need to change things. (as Ross Nicholson)

    The problem is greed. Authors of scientific journals get nothing, ever, for writing their articles. IF they are well-connected, say they've been to parties at NIH, well, then the more they publish, the more they're paid. Unfortunately, the people who make real breakthroughs, basically me, 'those people' find that having all journals accessible to computer search makes them far more valuable than any paper journal ever could be. NIH and Pub med stop at the abstract. That's incredibly useful, but to be able to, say elucidate atherosclerosis, one has to live in Bethesda. Less than 3% of the articles and books at the National Library of Medicine (which is actually buried in a deep hole) is accessible over the web. Thus the trek to Maryland necessary for any serious ferreting out of facts to follow the lines of logic that develop. THEN THEY KEEP THE HOLE CLOSED UP AND GUARDED MOST OF THE TIME. Talk about ineptitude. If genius needs access to the library, then the library should open. People like me only come along every few hundred years, you know.
    Most of you people aren't like me, you're much less bright, you live useless lives and you will leave nothing of substance behind you except the stuff you leave in the world's toilets. You are worker bees. You need somebody like me to figure all the hard questions out so you can quit your day jobs and do something useful with your mundane lives.
    You have to love science enough to see it promulgated properly. Right now things are just awful. Of course, it is much better than in Leonardo's day, so I've been able to figure most human disease out. Google a booksearch on 'Nicholson AND Of Love'.
    The national library of medicine should be open 24 hours, so should the Library of Congress. Put on night shifts. The extra cost is nothing to what is lost by the current sloth. I could have saved a trillion lives with open free-access libraries. I've figured out how to end criminal behavior, for instance. Of course, I've had to go up there to Bethesda several times and hunker down, I've gotten horribly sick every time I go, too. All that is unnecessary, or should be, if only the public (i.e. at the least the great geniuses of the world like me) can be allowed to see everything and search everything all at once, with inclusive searches and decent search engines. Thank God for Google, lighting the pathway. Our government should facilitate the combination of all knowledge into wisdom--greater by far than the sum of its parts.
    So arrest the publishers who want to charge to let people see research papers. Let them advertise, but don't let them restrict access just to line their own stingy pockets at the vastly greater expense to the rest of humanity.
  • Aug 11th, 2009 @ 8:36pm

    How about civil defense? (as Bubba Nicholson)

    The iTablet could use an automotive application that will turn on car horns as a civil defense alert measure. See: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/07/090720083423.htm

    However, they could also just text people about the disaster, too.
  • Jul 1st, 2009 @ 11:38pm

    Sorry Mr. Williams, my fault (as Ross Nicholson)

    The quotation of "when you wish upon a star" was necessary because of my early association with Steven Spielberg back in the McGovern presidential campaign. Google my book with a booksearch on google.com: Hillary's Angel and read about it. Jiminy Cricket's incessant encouragement and challenges to excel forced Spielberg to place an order for the use of the phrase in the movie's score and was a personal reference to me. Spielberg and I developed the film's story together while we were working for Hillary Clinton in Dallas back in 1972. There were visual artifacts from the earlier Disney production as well. How odd it is to see all this silly fuss over something so miniscule, when the whole movie relied entirely upon our joint effort. I never got a nickel. Y'all worry about the little ditty, though. Corporate America is insatiable for money.
  • May 20th, 2009 @ 7:55am

    Glorious France is right. (as Ross Nicholson)

    Lobbyists for thieves and pornographers here may decry valiant French and European efforts to protect copyright holders from wanton depredations, but the people of France and Europe and the west generally know that protecting intellectual property is in everyone's best interests. For instance, if left to the savage people of Saudi Arabia, pornographers would have their uh, well, something else cut off for infractions rather than paying a tax.
    The idea to tax blank media imposes burdens on law-abiding people, but the greatest burden is upon 'downlow' ders, streaming porn. Apple's system would seem to be preferred, but downloaders always go cut rate if they can.
    God bless the French Republic for trying and doing their best to uphold the values and the interests of all people everywhere.
  • Apr 19th, 2009 @ 1:27am

    Re: Because... (as Bubba Nicholson)

    The Bushes were evil. Old Bush personally shot JFK and led mostly Cuban plumbers from his family plantations to shoot, wound shoot at or frame: JFK, RFK, MLK, Wallace, Teddy, Joseph P. Kennedy, Ford and Reagan. W raped hundreds of republican teenagers (mostly teeny boppers) in Dallas and Houston. Together they hired and groomed Obama. He seems to have been a wise selectee, no? At least so far that is. Time will tell.
  • Apr 7th, 2009 @ 5:20am

    Let the scofflaws squeal (as Ross Nicholson)

    Hello! You endanger the public by speeding and running red lights. I'm glad you were caught and I hope you get caught again, and again, and again. It suits me fine that you pay more for the dangers you create for other motorists, cyclists and school children.
  • Feb 20th, 2009 @ 10:18pm

    Re: Re: What about stolen copyrights? (as Ross Nicholson)

    I will name names. William Jefferson "Bill" "Bubba" to his friends Clinton watched me. He even jumped in and modeled for Indiana Jones. And Hillary Clinton, did nobody notice that she is "princess Leah Organa of Aulderan'? Stevie Spielberg was there, of course, and that character is named after his momma. Look at the Clinton's lawyer, Daniel Caffee? Strobe Talbot runs the Brookings Institution. Rob Reich was there, so was Ron Kirk, Ann Richards, Vince Foster, Marybeth Rogers, will they all take the truth to their graves with them? Forget the past, no matter who it destroys along the way? Surely one of these grand minds can remember something?
    Justice, does it make any difference? Only if you want to stop crime, drug addiction, and sexual perversion in your lifetime, because I can do that. I have done that. It's easy to fix people's problems. It's easy to be fair to people, too. Sometimes I think that nobody takes any interest out of fear, self-interest, or self-conceit. But may be it's God. God does not reward the righteous, He enriches the pretentious, and forgives those who trespass against us and all things are in His way. Amen? Amen.
  • Feb 20th, 2009 @ 10:03pm

    Re: What about stolen copyrights? (as Ross Nicholson)

    We could start with a legal system that devoted more than passing glances at simple justice and fawned less over maintaining the ill-gotten gains of sneaks and thieves. Look at my two letters in "Back to the Future" my palm print on the Borne flicks, what's next? Relics? Are they worshipping my ammo bag from Saving Private Ryan? My dad's old leather jacket in Indiana Jones? I'm disabled and living on minimum social security. Is that the legacy you want for this American era? That no one believed the easily demonstrated proof save only Almighty God? That's what it looks like to me, and you're all fools for your conniving complacency.
  • Feb 20th, 2009 @ 9:44pm

    What about stolen copyrights? (as Ross Nicholson)

    I suggested the movie "Star Wars" be filmed from the story of a 1963 novella of similar name, "E.T." is my concept, I provided the story for the movie Titanic, and three hundred more, the notes passed in "Good Will Hunting" are in my handwriting, as are notes in "Close Encounters", "E.T.", "K-PAX", and "Dead Poets Society", I am "Forrest Gump" and Yoda. "My" movies will eventually produced nearly 3 trillion dollars in economic benefit to the United States of America. I have done all that and much, much more for the sum total of $1.00 and 8 minicassette tapes (replacing the one I provided for the 'cave solo' in DPS). So does American copyright law need re-working? I'll say it does. It needs criminal penalties and punitive damages for fraud.
  • Dec 13th, 2008 @ 1:44am

    What a crock of ... (as Ross Nicholson)

    Intellectual property rights must be respected. That isn't draconian, that is civilization. We are a long, long way away and these words will be very old before the truth is ever known. We should represent legitimate property rights, i.e. the original people who come up with all our great ideas that Hollywood and our politicians claim credit for. Star Wars was my idea. So was "Don't ask, don't tell' and I've never seen a cent in royalties.
  • Oct 1st, 2008 @ 11:33pm

    Finding the edges is not easy sometimes. (as Bubba Nicholson)

    Automation is a great idea for this. How many times have I designed something novel only to find that it's old hat?
  • Jul 20th, 2008 @ 12:10am

    No, The Internet Is Not Bad For Science; Bad Research Is Bad For Science (as Bubba Nicholson)

    The opposite contention is true. Private medical journals are obstacles to progress and the internet is the vehicle for progress. The journal Science, in private hands, copyrighted and therefore unavailable and unsearchable is bad for science, and bad for mankind. Science, the journal, does not even pay for what they print. Authors of Science articles are left to profit merely from the supposed laurel of publication in Science. Exorbitant fees to read journal articles, even old articles many years out of date, charged by parasites like the really evil people at Science, discourage good research. Science, like all privately run for-profit medical journals, is a cancer. Anyone who works for Science willingly commits crimes against humanity.
  • Jul 19th, 2008 @ 11:50pm

    Re: Re: The Library of Congress should be entirely exempt.... (as Bubba Nicholson)

    Unfortunately, for some types of information, copyright is devastatingly destructive. Scientific and medical information is not maintained online for the enlightenment of mankind, it is copyrighted for the exclusive use of rich physicians seeking the latest nostrums for hypochondria. Copyrighting cuts up the scientific literature into little bits and makes it unsearchable and therefore unusable to scientists studying in the field. If modern medical research wasn't considered private property and modern medicine wasn't maintained as secret lore, we would have had cures for most diseases decades ago. After all, the producers of medical research are paid nothing for it by medical journal publishers. Remuneration is expected to proceed from the laurel of being published, a return no smaller research institution can anticipate.
    The entire up to date medical literature should be maintained by government and disseminated free to anyone having published themselves. Engineering may be private enterprise, but science most assuredly is NOT.

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