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  • Under DOJ's Own Theory For Prosecuting Julian Assange, Donald Trump Probably Violated The Espionage Act

    V ( profile ), 24 May, 2019 @ 12:26pm

    Good one!

    I assume you this article is tongue and cheek and you're not actually morons.

    There's a HUGE difference between a joke with ZERO follow-up (unless you have some smoking gun about him coercing Russia or giving support to them) and someone who makes actual EFFORT to get or induce someone to get classified material. Not to mention the RESULT. The result of Trump telling his joke was....NOTHING (again, unless you have the smoking gun no one else has), whereas with Manning, the result was actual theft of government documents.

    PLUS, did you forget... Hillary swore up and down that there was no classified documents and I believe the FBI "cleared" her, so even if Russia DID get the emails - which has never been proven that they did - if there was no classified material in the emails, then there's no crime regardless.

    That said, I think going after Assange is a mistake. I don't really care for him personally, but I respect that he serves a legitimate purpose in publishing information on wikileaks. He's even gone out of his way to remove certain information from the cables that could endanger certain people.

  • Court Says No One's Responsible For Detainee Who Committed Suicide While Jailers Crafted 'Punisher' Posters

    V ( profile ), 10 May, 2019 @ 06:05am

    Stretch-a-saurus Rex

    Wow... I know Techdirt are left wing hacks when they stray from intellectual "property issues", but seriously?! You seem to spend alot of time about the Punisher poster when it could just as easily have been a Batman, Superman, Daredevil, Deadpool, Lobo or any number of heroes/anti-heroes found in popular culture.

    What would the narrative have been if it had been Batman? Another dark vigilante? Or Deadpool? Or Lobo? Or Ghost Rider?

    Trying to infer motivations from what entertainment character someone likes is a HUGE stretch. Like... Stretch Armstrong or Plastic Man stretch.

    Stick to intellectual property issues.

  • DHS Thinks Homeland Will Be More Secure If Two Federal Agencies Ignore Domestic Terrorists

    V ( profile ), 09 Apr, 2019 @ 04:47am

    Fact check

    Let's face it... most "domestic terrorists" are those that the FBI's "sting" operations have coached and lead down the primrose path to arrest. Going so far as to pretty much come up the the plan, the money, the motivation and even pep talk to get them to finally agree.

    The likelihood of them ever actually doing anything without FBI is minimal at worse, impossible at best.

    So, if the FBI wants to halt the "domestic terrorist" "stings", I'm ok with that.

  • Legislator Irritated By A Journalist Decides State's Government Should Start Regulating Journalism

    V ( profile ), 09 Apr, 2019 @ 04:39am

    Can't be done...

    You can't regulate something that doesn't exist. There is no such thing as journalism any longer. It died the true death. There are only editorials and commentators who tried to hide their bias... or don't even bother any longer.

    Anyone who tells you differently is probably someone trying to pretend to be a journalist.

  • Gavin McInnes Files Laughably Silly Defamation Lawsuit Against Southern Poverty Law Center

    V ( profile ), 06 Feb, 2019 @ 05:27am

    Go Left Young TechDirt

    Once again, the Leftists in TechDirt rear their ugly heads. The SPLC is a despicable organization who takes things out of context or simply has no context whatsoever for labeling things "hate" speech or a "hate" group. They are the private equivalent of the government's No-Fly list. No one knows exactly how you get on it, but if you do, good luck getting off.

    Funny how LeftDirt... I mean... TechDirt... hates the no-fly list but just smooches the butt of SPLC.

    If you get put on the SPLC, it can do REAL harm to you. Certain organizations and banks/financial institutions (Visa/Mastercard) will not do business organizations on the SPLC "hate" list. Which can cause significantly more issues than not being able to fly.


    And yet... LeftDirt thinks it's a bad idea to fight them?


  • FBI Decides To Ruin A Man's Life Over Nude Photos Of His Legal Girlfriend He Took Seven Years Ago

    V ( profile ), 10 Jul, 2018 @ 12:39pm


    I don't have alot of sympathy for this guy. He KNEW at the time that his girlfriend was underage. He CHOSE to be in relationship with an underage person. Then he CHOSE to take inappropriate pictures of her, knowing full well that she was underage.

    He was an idiot... and now he's paying.

  • Tech Employees Revolting Over Government Contracts Reminds Us That Government Needs Tech More than Tech Needs Government

    V ( profile ), 27 Jun, 2018 @ 11:24am


    The government needs EVERYONE more than they need the government. Anyone who tells you differently... is working for the government.

  • Illinois Prosecutor Brings Felony Eavesdropping Charges Against 13-Year-Old Who Recorded His Conversation With School Administrators

    V ( profile ), 27 Jun, 2018 @ 10:03am


    Are PUBLIC school officials NOT public servants? What are they? Public TASKMASTERS?

  • Supreme Court Says Warrants Are Needed For Cell Site Location Info

    V ( profile ), 25 Jun, 2018 @ 06:32am

    Captain OBVIOUS!

    This SHOULD have been a "Thank you Captain Obvious" but unfortunately, it took going all the way to the Supreme Court to finally get this ruled as private information.

  • NY State Legislators Unanimously Pass A Cyberbullying Bill That Can't Be Bothered To Define Cyberbullying [Update]

    V ( profile ), 07 Jun, 2018 @ 10:45am

    No News

    Politicians are morons... old news...

  • State Court Says Cop Posing As A Facebook Friend To Snag Criminal Evidence Isn't A 4th Amendment Violation

    V ( profile ), 07 Jun, 2018 @ 05:54am

    No different

    I see no differenece between this and a regular CI or undercover cop.

    Just goes to show... always know who your friends are.

  • Malaysian 'Fake News' Law Claims Its First Victim

    V ( profile ), 03 May, 2018 @ 06:11am

    Saber rattling

    The US should do some saber rattling and have the State Department put Malaysia on the DO NOT TRAVEL list for the US until they retract such a broad and obviously overreaching and abusive law for violating human rights.

    It's not much, but if enough nations that contribute to the prosperity of Malaysia do it, they'll get the message.

    Seems like this is the "catch all" "get out of jail free" law for the government to arrest and/or fine anyone it feels like since it appears that THEIR version of the facts always triumph.

  • YouTube Shows Dennis Prager's Claim Of Discrimination Against Conservatives Is Laughable

    V ( profile ), 14 Mar, 2018 @ 12:30pm

    More Liberal Techdirt Bias

    Geez... you just LOVE throwing your left-wing liberal bias into your stories.

    Like most liberals, you ignore any facts that don't suit your narrative. It's actually been proved over and over that Facebook and Youtube DO have a bias against conservatives. Do some research.

    That said, there is no case for censorship - even on a partisan basis - against Facebook, Youtube or any other private platform for censorship.

    Private companies CAN censor anyone for any reason. If you don't like it, you take your business elsewhere. The first amendment only restricts GOVERNMENT restrictions on speech - and has been watered down since it's inception.

    So, while I do agree that the "Masters of the Universe" (Facebook/Google/Twitter) have a STRONG liberal bias, I don't believe there is any merit in the case, except to possibly draw attention to the fact that they do have a bias.

  • Trump Administration Wants To Start Sending Secret Service Agents To Polling Stations

    V ( profile ), 14 Mar, 2018 @ 05:09am

    Get back to tech stuff

    Please get back to things you can speak intelligently on.

    You may a number of completely false statements and quite a WRONG few assumptions based on some vague theory that you obviously created from a warped liberal mindset.

    While I agree that the Secret Service is probably NOT the agency to be monitoring election polling stations, the fact that there ARE monitors should make people feel SAFER to vote, knowing there is someone there to prevent ANY political organization or group from intimidating LEGAL voters.

    But... the moment they advocate one party over another or turn away a single LEGAL voter, then I would have a problem with it. THAT'S when it becomes similar to a dictatorship. If there are secret service agents walking into the booth with guns drawn while you cast your vote, then we have an issue. Just having armed members of law enforcement around... no... not even REMOTELY close to the "elections" in dictatorships.

  • Game Studio Found To Install Malware DRM On Customers' Machines, Defends Itself, Then Apologizes

    V ( profile ), 23 Feb, 2018 @ 08:11am


    Wouldn't that be considered a violation of the Computer Fraud act?

    I doubt anyone authorized them to take usernames/passwords from their machine, so it becomes an unauthorized use of a computer - and thus wouldn't it be subject to the Computer Fraud Act?

  • Devin Nunes Releases Memo That Doesn't Show The Surveillance Abuses He Hypocritically 'Cares' About

    V ( profile ), 05 Feb, 2018 @ 01:04pm

    Fake News

    Fake News by Leftist Political Hack... nothing to see... move along.

    Stick to tech

  • Implementing Transparency About Content Moderation

    V ( profile ), 02 Feb, 2018 @ 07:51am

    Both sides

    I see both sides in this. Being a libertarian, I believe in free speech.

    But, I also believe in the right of a company to run the company as they see fit.

    The conflict occurs when the speech I post to the platform is moderated in an opaque way to suit a specific agenda, etc.

    The recent news of facebook moderating conservative posts and links comes to mind.

    Personally, I don't care for most social platforms, but I know people who are so hopelessly addicted to them that as long as they can post pictures of their latest meal or the shoes they saw someone wearing, they would never pull themselves away.

    The bottom line is... you use someone else's platform, you play by their rules. Just make sure you know what those rules are. And if you find them having "secret rules", best look somewhere else.

  • A Bunch Of Politicians Who Complain About Trump's Authoritarian Tendencies Just Gave Him 6 Years To Warrantlessly Spy On Americans

    V ( profile ), 19 Jan, 2018 @ 04:52am


    Everyone complains about warrant-less searches and surveillance yet despite it being used by one administration (Obama's) to spy on a political opponent (Trump at the time) using some made up dossier, Republicans and Democrats BOTH signed on for 6 more years.

    More Washington double speak. Say one thing to the press and your voters, and then do the exact opposite when you vote.

    Kick them all out!

  • Iowa State's Attempt To Violate Its Students First Amendment Rights To Cost State Nearly $400k In Damages

    V ( profile ), 19 Jan, 2018 @ 04:50am


    That's completely bogus. How does the school saying "remove our logo" in ANY way impend on anyone's freedom of speech?! ZERO. ZIP. NIL. NADA. The school had NOTHING to do with the students wanting reform AND by including the logo, "an idiot in a hurry" might assume the SCHOOL is siding with the reform - which was not the case.

    In which case, the students were actually harming the reputation of the school by using the trademark, which IS protected by law.

    Otherwise, I could use any logo on any product to pretend that company support my position or my product. But I can't do that.


  • German Government Official Wants Backdoors In Every Device Connected To The Internet

    V ( profile ), 05 Dec, 2017 @ 06:35am


    Is a German government official REALLY asking for an Internet Gestapo?! Because the original Gestapo worked out so well... oh wait... no, it really didn't.

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