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  • Apr 26, 2011 @ 02:22am


    Einstein defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. The only option never tried is voting for an independent. What difference does it make if you agree or disagree with their campaign promises, if they are anything like the two parties they will never happen anyway. Regardless of their broken campaign promises, bold face lies, screwing the people over, parasitic actions, etc, the people will continue the madness and continue to take it up the tail pipe. The facts are, anyone willing to reelect Obama supports, torture, crimes against humanity, Guantanamo Bay, maintaining our military in Iraq and Afghanistan, rendition, and that is why so many refer to Obama as a Bush continuum. I can only conclude they are either all insane or idiots.

  • Apr 02, 2011 @ 11:46am

    People Screwing People

    Economics is only difficult if you listen to the experts. Each country, organization, etc has an economy that controls a certain amount of dollars based on, what ever. How they are distributed depends only on end users. If we simply view it in this manner we can better understand the division of dollars. Everyone is competing for the dollars regardless.

    Now for the economic lesson I learn early. Regardless of anything sold, manufactured, created, etc, the end purchaser carries the entire burden for any and all overhead. Meaning, the costs associated with; the idea / research & development, manufacturing / distribution, materials / labor cost, retail outlets, taxes, percentage profits, etc is what determines the final cost to the end user. You are saying to yourself right about now, hell we all know that, dummy. Have you ever thought of what the etc is in the cost associated with the products.

    The final costs consist of the above mention however, does not include or exclude any and all other etc. Meaning, the costs of; lobbyist, political donations, bribes, payoffs, hiring ex government employees and politicians, and everything else you hear about or do not. Simply stating, the end user is the primary reason we all are taking in up the tail pipe.

  • Apr 02, 2011 @ 07:52am

    Corrupt Governments

    America is no different. Under the USA Patriot Act people are taken without legal representation, without being charged, etc and even worst if you fit their criteria for rendition. If any government or ruling powers are above the laws set forth for their citizens, then all laws are null and void regardless of circumstances. This is exactly why the majority of ruling powers are illegal under there own laws. However, greed, power hungry, etc are allowed to rule the world under the preconceived notion some will rub off on them so they can become greedy, above the law, bastards also.

  • Mar 27, 2011 @ 06:10am

    Hopefully we are learning from past mistakes

    Their is no such thing as new networks today. They have replicated Vietnam's radio personality Hanoi Hannah a.k.a. Dragon Lady and are producing nothing more than propagandist crap. People seen to take sides, for instance against Fox news, however, they all seem to be mirror images to me. Let's face it, without independent news free from government and corporate control, then we will only see and hear more of the same. Therefor, quoting the news without independent sources is only propagating the propaganda and becoming part of the Hanoi Hannah machine.

    I just sent Mr. Lam with Gizmodo my dislike with on of his editors Jesus Diaz for publishing an article called ?chernobyl-kids-video-is-one-part-unnerving-two-parts-sad-and-three-parts-awesome? and making completely inaccurate statements.

  • Mar 27, 2011 @ 05:14am

    Mike, hit the proverbial nail on the head with this video. Movie and music industries with their high dollar lobbyist have joined the energy corporation in using governments, military, laws, etc to insure their success. Well done in an honest and factual motivational article.

  • Mar 19, 2011 @ 02:03am

    Re: Re:

    After reading your article I became acutely aware of your bias toward nuclear energy. You are simply following a set pattern of deflection resulting in additional irrelevant material to the mix. The news uses the exact method. Now in your reply your first thought it to defend nuclear energy. I never indicated my thoughts on nuclear energy I only pointed out the fact that comparing the Gulf oil spill to a nuclear release is ridiculous.

    Your entire response is debating nuclear power as an energy source. Your hidden agenda is transparent therefore, allow me to redirect your process. I worked as a contract instrument engineer for the majority of corporations. My works included nuclear, oil, gas, refineries, chemical, etc and this is absolutely the most inefficient fail safe emergency response in my career. Are their hospitals and other emergency centers backup generators built at ground level. The entire facility is designed for efficiency; small foot print, shared resources, spent fuel rods storage, etc. However, the design disregards safety with regards to well known possible natural events.

  • Mar 18, 2011 @ 12:27pm

    With our fraudulent legal system what difference does any of it matter. As attorneys say, with all the laws on the books everyone break several of them every day. We are a country of laws and I say we are a country of control. The woman holding the scales of justice is blind folded to prevent her from being biased. However, the facts are better looking and dressed people have a higher probability of being found innocent. The datum clearly indicates black people have a much higher possibility of being found guilty. I could ramble on and state factual information all day long and who will give a rats ass. Once anyone is charged regardless of guilt, the burden of proof is yours alone. If the cost of attorneys fees do not break you the DA's tricks with plea bargains a.k.a. let make a deal will. And for those who say we have the best system in the world, they are either wealthy people or people who have never been wrongfully charged with a crime.

  • Mar 18, 2011 @ 05:29am

    Re: I'm glad he's fighting

    I completely understand sacrificing for ones family. However, once the citizens of any governed people become afraid of their government's repercussion for exercising their rights, we no longer are in control of our own destiny. We no longer are living in a democracy but rather under a dictatorship. You basically answered your own question / statement. Are you an American willing to defend the Constitution or one of those who are willing to allow others to fight, die, sacrifice, etc while you benefit from their actions. Are you aware of how this country was founded. Their is a name for that and it is called a parasite.

  • Mar 17, 2011 @ 11:41pm

    Michael Ho, I reviewed your profile and your intelligent is above approach. However, your statement ?But it's not that simple, and a nuclear power plant isn't the only energy facility that can devastate the environment.? is nothing but unadulterated bullshit. The oil spill was and remains devastating to the Gulf of Mexico. The long lasting conditions and effects will last for twenty years or more.

    The unadulterated bullshit comment is based on the effects of radiation. The half life of radioactive material is measured in millions of years. Comparing the two as if they are of equal value is inappropriate at best. Please rethink your comment and provide an intelligent response or not.

  • Mar 16, 2011 @ 10:48am


    I completely concur and again Mike Masnick seems to be promoting, just take it in the ass like a good American subservient. This country's core foundation is built on defying unjust laws and people have willingly suffer and died for the sake of freedom. Therefore, if our reining government passes laws that violate the Constitution what method do you suggest? The majority of Americans disagree with the Patriot Act and nonetheless they renew it.

  • Feb 28, 2011 @ 04:55pm

    Restaurant Refuses To Serve TSA Agents

    The author Mike Masnick reminds me of the same people providing excuses for war crimes by stating, I was ordered to do it. My orders was to torture and kill the prisoners though I despised the acts. If no one is willing to abuse others for a price then the so called higher powers could not abuse others because they are gutless cowards. These self proclaimed people of God or ethical people preform screening or extra screening by groping adults as well as children. If anyone touched a child in this manor before 9/11 a prison sentence would soon follow. People with Mike's views is precisely what is wrong with America today. No one is willing to take a stand they merely irresponsibly transfer blame.

  • Feb 19, 2011 @ 09:44pm

    Freedom is an illusion

    Marc, I agree and freedom is an mythical illusion in the majority of all countries. For every freedom one thinks they have, I contest their are many laws against it or ways to infringe on it. In the USA where I live, this is a few of them. Indians, we have signed countless of treaties with them and yet the USA maintain higher rights over their sovereign nations. If anyone meaning an individual have ever directly confronted a large corporation then you know the legal fees are well beyond your capacity. The same is true with our legal system. The law and people consider someone agrees to accept a plea bargain as guilty and in many cases it is based on a monetary decision.

  • Feb 15, 2011 @ 12:57am

    Re: Re: Re:

    Are you a natural born moron or home grown. Perhaps if you reread the comment your are replying to and read your post aloud the ignorance of the content will become obvious. You own statement ?Steaks are cooked to lower temps, but are considered potentially unsafe at temps below 135 (Medium)? is the Edison moment where the light bulb is turned on for people with IQ's above 75. Therefor, if you happen to fall below 75 please accept my deepest apology because in no way was my humus response intended to be hate driven.

  • Dec 09, 2010 @ 04:08am

    Re: Re: Wait . . .

    You called this one right. Evidently our elite government failed to know about the site. If they had any sense after reading this they will ask for a do over.

  • Dec 09, 2010 @ 03:46am


    I will withhold my animosity toward your ignorance in hopes you are speaking out of pure innocence. The difference is, we the people the citizens of the US own everything our government produces. One cannot steal their own property. Government and state secret acts have been use to hide corruption since our government was formed. The people understand certain secrets are in the countries best interest however, the strongholds our government and others are enacting is nothing less than tyranny.

  • Dec 06, 2010 @ 08:38pm

    Re: Google blurring reaction

    Gene Cavanaugh if you actually believe teaching our children that it is alright for adults to fondle their genitalia then you may have forgotten what our country stands for. The radiation is identified as harmful to humans especially to their reproductive organs. With that said the only other option is hand searching and this involves adults groping their genitalia. If this is the only option to safety then what made our country great is dead.

  • Dec 02, 2010 @ 02:49pm

    This is completely off topic however, if anyone is annoyed tape your eyelids open and place chocolate on your eyeball for a few hours and then get back to me. People purchasing items from the Mars corporation are contributing to the cruelty of animals. Mars continues to subject animals to horrific testing all for the sake of candy. Please purchase an alternative.

  • Nov 25, 2010 @ 05:44pm

    Without privacy what do we have?

    From the responses, many people believe anything in plain site from public access is not private. Does this include the air space above the object. With advancement in technology today anyone is able to purchase listing devices by simply directing a laser on any window. Cameras mounted on very small devices are capable of flying outside your house without detection and record everything.

    Young people of today have all the answers and information at their finger tips and yet they decide future laws by their emotions rather than reasoning. If these devices were applied to them directly they would be the first to scream privacy violations. People that believe anything in plain site dissolves privacy then they had better rethink what plain site means in today technological environment.

  • Sep 08, 2010 @ 10:57am

    The two newest generation seem to have no problem with allowing anyone Government, Facebook, Google, etc track their every move. Then no one see to have a problem with the USA Patriot Act, warrant-less wiretapping, etc and now we are just starting to understand the true effects. Just as the courts ruled placing a tracking device on your vehicle does not require a warrant. People are tracked by RFID tags in your phone, purchases, GPS, notebooks and many more products. I wonder if the next generation will understand their parents action or lack of them in this case.

  • Aug 31, 2010 @ 11:40pm

    I wonder what are the educational and moral levels of people believing there is nothing wrong here. I bet they are the same people feeding their children a diet of fast foods and considers one or more of their children their best friend. These same people always puke the statement “ It's all about the children”. Protecting children from parasitic blood suckers is our responsibility and allowing corporations to learn their habits and use them as test subject fore advertisement is wrong. This is no difference than someone taking polls of childrens' likes and dislikes while playing in the park. Then using the data to refine their advertisements that better reach children. Advertisements directed at children is abuse and taking advantage of people not able to defend themselves.

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