Bizarre UK Free Speech Ban Bars People From Telling Anyone — Including Elected Officials & Lawyers — About Potential Toxic Chemicals

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Having just mentioned a bizarre superinjunction against free speech in the UK, I should also mention an even more bizarre “hyperinjunction” that was apparently issued by the UK High Court years ago, and goes so far as to ban people talking to their own elected officials or lawyers about a claim that “paint used in water tanks on passenger ships could break down and release potentially toxic chemicals.” This hyperinjunction was apparently issued years ago, but is only coming to light now, because a Member of Parliament brought it up — and he’s protected by “parliamentary privilege” from getting into trouble for mentioning the otherwise secret order. Honestly, the details are pretty sketchy, but it appears that the court flat out ordered someone not to discuss a particular legal dispute concerning such toxic chemicals:

with “members of Parliament, journalists and lawyers”, along with the US coastguard and any ship owners, and also forbids any speculation linking chemicals in the paint with the illness of any individuals.

I’m trying to figure out how this could possibly make sense in a country that has even marginal respect for free speech. Even worse, it appears that the individual that this hyperinjunction was targeted at later got in trouble for daring to talk to a lawyer about the case. What kind of country allows such a ridiculous suppression of basic rights?

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Comments on “Bizarre UK Free Speech Ban Bars People From Telling Anyone — Including Elected Officials & Lawyers — About Potential Toxic Chemicals”

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Prince William (user link) says:

epic lulz.
so england…that is those island people who pretend to be in the european union while going to war for america. totally wanting to be a big shot in brussel but not even have the Euro…drive on the left side of the street, consider a 2-party system a democracy, invade Lybia …. all that seems as absurd as calling their national football team “good”.
maybe free speech isnt made for the uk.

Numpty says:

Re: Re:

Just asking are you bias against England?.
Firstly those Island people are made up of 3 mainland countries & N. Ireland.
Secondly.. 2 Parties, yeah in 1950.
Thirdly Britain & France was chomping at the bit to go into Lybia before the USA.
Fourth that little group of islands of the coast of europe has more clout than Brussels.
Finally UK built the biggest empire the world has ever had – it is plonkers such as yourself that will force us to do it again.

vivaelamor (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“so england…that is those island people

maybe free speech isnt made for the uk.”

Point of note, England and the UK aren’t interchangeable terms. It’s like confusing Texas and the USA.

You might also want to read about John Milton, John Locke and John Stuart Mill. Note which country they were from.

I hate nationalism, but the reverse is bad too.

Not an Electronic Rodent says:

That's where you're going wrong you see.....

I’m trying to figure out how this could possibly make sense in a country that has even marginal respect for free speech.

You’re mistaking the UK for a country that has even a marginal respect for free speech. We turned into a police state some time ago and didn’t bother to tell anyone including the residents.

What kind of country allows such a ridiculous suppression of basic rights?

What, like the right to remain silent when arrested?

Call me Al says:

As mentioned in the linked article “”This is the development of privacy law through the courts as opposed to Parliament legislating on it. It is deeply concerning, and undermines freedom of speech.”

The judges in the UK are a breed apart from everyone else. Some of the things they come up with are just mind boggling and to anyone else would seem completely ridiculous.

Hopefully Parliament will step in and do something about this. That the guy couldn’t talk to an MP or even a lawyer means that he had no right to recourse at all which is just not right in a supposedly free society.

Schmoo (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I regret to inform you that I was granted an injunction against injunctions of this nature just yesterday, and that in accordance with the terms of my injunction, your death is now mandated as restitution. I hope you enjoyed your time here, and that this unfortunate circumstance has not tainted your impression of our wonderfully sensible legal system.

Lots of love,

Greg G (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

Dear Lawyers,

You forgot to magnify the fine print in order to read the disclaimer, which is typed in a font size of .0000000069. It reads as follows:

This injunction overrides, supersedes, and makes null & void all previous and future injunctions that seek to render this injunctions null & void. Any attempt to do so shall result in the foreheads of any person(s) involved being flopped with copious amounts of phallus.

darryl says:

nothing new here - again.

toxic ship anti-fouling paints used in shipping has been banned world wide for over 20 years particularly lead and arsnic based paints.

massive – massive fines and bans are given if you are caught using toxic paints in shipping.

ships are regularly tested and checked when entering new countries.

okwhen (profile) says:

Corrupt Governments

America is no different. Under the USA Patriot Act people are taken without legal representation, without being charged, etc and even worst if you fit their criteria for rendition. If any government or ruling powers are above the laws set forth for their citizens, then all laws are null and void regardless of circumstances. This is exactly why the majority of ruling powers are illegal under there own laws. However, greed, power hungry, etc are allowed to rule the world under the preconceived notion some will rub off on them so they can become greedy, above the law, bastards also.

drew (profile) says:

re: what kind of a country

the same kind that tried to make it ok to imprison someone for up to 90 days without trial or even notice of the crime they were alleged to have commited.
Oh yes, and the same kind of country that allows ludicrous libel tourism for works not even published in the uk.
Oh yes, and the same country that still thinks copying a cd to your hard-drive is a crime:
Oh yes, and the same kind that, post Digital Economy act, makes you liable for the actions of users of your wifi spot.
In short, one run by idiots who legislate on headlines and judges who make case law in ignorance.
My country.

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